How to Get a Business Card Again


When it comes to  Chase Ink Business cards, many people are wishing they could get one again or wondering, “can I have both?” The answer is YES! Let’s go over how to get a business card again using our favorites, the Chase Ink Business cards, as an example.

Chase Business Cards

Chase has three business cards that earn Ultimate Rewards. These include:

The great thing is that you can get all three of these business cards for your business! Talk about a ton of Ultimate Rewards!  This is such good news. Most card issuers have only one business card. The opportunity to be able to get three business cards with our favorite transferable points is the best news!

Currently, I have the Chase Ink Business Cash, but I am over 5/24. I go under that number in a couple of weeks, and I plan to take advantage of the increased offer on the business cards. I will apply for the Chase Ink Business Unlimited soon. I can’t wait to earn more Ultimate Rewards to use on Hyatt stays! I will then open the Ink Business Preferred, which has a higher minimum spend, when I need to pay my taxes this year. I will repeat opening each of these for my husband too.


Hotel resort pool area

Getting more Ultimate Rewards will let me return to the Hyatt Ziva Cancun.


Getting the Business Cards Again

If you applied for one of the Chase Business cards using an EIN, you can now apply for one as a sole proprietor. Additionally, if you have more than one business, you can apply for the cards with each of your businesses! Holy smokes – you can really clean up with a ton of Ultimate Rewards! Now, I wouldn’t apply for all of these right away – I’ll definitely be spacing them out over time. However, it makes me happy that I have the ability to get business cards again from my favorite issuer.

I have my THM business EIN and also an EIN from doing some marketing for my son-in-law. I also can use my SSN and apply as a sole proprietor.  I have several ways to get these cards again, and you probably do too! Even better, they will not count against my 5/24, so I can get more points and stay under 5/24. Remember: You will not be approved if you are currently over 5/24. That is why I will have to wait a couple of weeks to apply. I use Travel Freely to keep track of my 5/24 status, so I don’t have to.

If it has been 24 months since you received the bonus on one of these cards, you can also reapply. People worry about not having enough cards to keep travel hacking, but the ability to get these cards again really helps. I have been doing this for about five years and have not run out of cards to apply for.


Business Card Eligibility

Don’t think you have a business? Think again; the term is pretty loose. If you sell a few items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace every year, you have a business. Almost anyone can figure out something that they can start as a business to take advantage of these card offers.

You can put personal expenses on your business card to help you meet that higher minimum spending. Yes, there is a disclaimer on some applications saying that you should only use the card for business purposes, but most financial experts say it is not illegal to do so. It is a very common practice for people to mix the two expenses. I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of my business expenses for taxes to make it easier at tax time.

If you own a business with your spouse, you can each apply for a card. That is a common question, and we are happy that the answer is YES!


Table with camera on it

Even a home-based small photography business can get business cards!


Bottom Line

Business credit cards are crucial to earning a lot of points/miles. When you can get personal cards plus business cards plus you are doing this in 2-player mode, you have the ability to earn a ton of points. This is especially valuable when you go to book family travel as you need more points/miles for this. The ability to get a business card again makes it easier to turn your travel dreams into reality!



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