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United Airlines plane taking off

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Let’s talk about the United Excursionist Perk. What, you’ve never heard of it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you fly United sometimes, it is the way to get a free flight segment, and who isn’t all about that? Basically, the United Excursionist Perk is a free one-way award within select multi-city itineraries. If […]

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“Can I use credit card points and miles and book a cruise?” This is a common question we get asked. Cruising to far-off destinations and getting to see multiple places combined with midnight buffets, parties, and entertainment is a dream of many. Let’s talk about using points and miles for cruises. First of all, yes, […]

girl sitting on ledge in santorini

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Alex’s Story Do you ever get the itch that you just NEED to go on a vacation? It usually hits me in the dead of winter–when it is freezing here in Utah and winter seems to be draggggging on. My mind takes me to a tropical beach destination in those moments, and I find myself […]

Picture of beach and sand

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As a travel hacking newbie, we recognize how hard it is to keep up with all the new vocabulary and rules. Hence, we give you our Travel Hacking FAQs that we hope you refer to often. We will give you a short explanation and link you to our articles that give you a more detailed […]

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Without points and miles, I would be reduced to being a budget traveler most of the time. Because of points and miles, I can be bougie on a budget. Points and miles have let me have some experiences I NEVER thought possible! Lay-flat Seats I remember those days that I walked past people who were […]

Folder, Federal taxes, pen, etc on desk

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Last year we paid our federal taxes by credit card. Is it worth paying your taxes with a credit card? My husband is self-employed and we had a tax bill of about $30,000. I hate writing a check for taxes and getting nothing back. Taxes are hard enough to pay anyway, right? I decided I […]

Sand and Turquoise Ocean

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You’ve filled out the credit card application and your breath is held now – will they approve you? It doesn’t matter how many cards I’ve applied for, I still love/hate the anticipation of finding out if I am instantly approved! Here are some things you can do to increase your odds of a credit card […]

Beach, ocean, palm trees

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Anyone can learn to use credit card points and miles! And that means you! I understand that sometimes when you start, it seems complicated. I was once there. 5 years ago, Alex and I were beginners – just like you! We weren’t sure what Chase 5/24 meant, what minimum spend was, or what the heck […]

Hand holding credit cards

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Are you looking for ways to increase your credit card points or miles for more free or nearly free travel? Our first way of getting credit card points is through signing up for new credit cards and getting that signup bonus. Using our credit cards instead of using cash or checks also keeps our point […]

france unsplash

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You’ve researched several credit cards and spent more time than you should be deciding on which card to apply for next. You fill out the application, hit submit, and wait with bated breath. (It’s kind of a thrill, right?) And suddenly, something that has never happened before happens. You get denied. It’s almost a personal […]

Neat and tidy desk

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One of our frequent questions from beginner travel hackers is, “How do I stay organized?” This worry about organization actually keeps people from enjoying this hobby and the wonderful free travel it offers. Don’t let organizational worry paralyze you. It is actually super easy to be an organized travel hacker. Here are our five top […]

Person using credit card for online shopping

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Do you love the idea of free travel but are afraid you can’t meet that $2,000 -$5,000 credit card minimum spend to get your bonus points?  I am here to show you how to meet credit card minimum spend.   It is simpler than you think! Getting bonus points after meeting the minimum spend on […]

Person putting credit card in card reader

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Using your credit card like a debit card is the way to meet minimum spending and earn a lot of free travel. Remember when we used to use checks to pay for things? So old school, right? Then we changed over to using a debit card for most of our purchases and that was such […]

American Express Centurion Lounge

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This post contains referral links. If you use one of these links I may be rewarded. Thanks in advance if you do! Airport lounge access is one of my favorite benefits that I get with my higher annual fee cards. I usually try and arrive earlier when I fly so I can visit a lounge, […]

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We love credit card points and miles! Without them we wouldn’t be staying at fancy hotels in Maui, flying business class to Greece, or going on nearly free vacations to Thailand. Before you can redeem your points for free flights and hotel nights, you have to earn them. Today we are going to talk all […]

Eiffel Tower

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One of the frequent questions we get asked is, “Should I use miles/points or cash to book a trip?” Obviously, this depends a lot on your individual circumstances and what you want to do with your points. Ask yourself some of the following questions: Can I afford to pay for the flight and just get […]

Ocean and sand view

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New to travel hacking? Want to save money on flights and hotels? Want to travel like you’ve heard others travel with points/miles but not sure how to do it? We totally get it! We were right where you were a few years ago. Unsure of where to start, trying to understand the lingo, and more […]

Person paying bill online with credit card

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Do you have a Chase credit card? Chances are that you do since we encourage beginner travel hackers to get some before they go over the Chase 5/24 rule. If so, Chase has a great offer on some of their credit cards for a limited time. You can earn 5x on certain Chase cards! They […]

Building with large clock at top and red double decker bus

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These are words I never thought I’d be saying. I just finished traveling to London smack dab in the middle of the pandemic and their lockdown. Two days ago I got word that my cute little granddaughter Margot had been hospitalized with mis-C after her family had had COVID weeks earlier. Obviously, I would normally […]

airplne flying through the sky

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My mom and I still don’t understand why more people, especially our friends, don’t travel hack. Who doesn’t want to travel? Especially for almost free? One of the comments we get the most is, “I could never keep it all organized”! Is that something you struggle with too? Let us introduce you to your new […]

marriott las vegas

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Some of my favorite hotels I’ve stayed at have been Marriott Hotels. My absolute favorite Marriott Hotel was the JW Marriott in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. I actually went there just to stay at the hotel after reading so many great reviews about it! Today we want to talk about getting a Marriott Hotel on the […]

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