You Do You With Points and Miles


We know you hear us talk about luxurious hotels, business-class seats, and opening up a dozen credit cards each year and probably freak out a little. Do you have to do all of that to be successful with travel hacking? Absolutely not! We have Facebook Group members ask about getting a certain card only to have someone else tell them that they are doing it “all wrong” (and I cringe every time). Just like everything in life, I am here to tell you this—you do you with points and miles! Seriously. There are so many ways to play this game, and if you save yourself and your family money and get some free travel, then it is all good.


You Don’t HAVE to Get Business Cards

We talk a lot about business cards, which are huge to OUR strategy. That doesn’t mean YOU have to get them even when we suggest them. If you or your Player 2 are uncomfortable getting them or opening up a small business, you can travel hack without them. Will you get as many points as we are able to get? No, but you can get a trip or two a year without them. If you have a large family, it may be that sometimes you save money, not pay for an entire trip.


You Want to Fly One Airline Exclusively

Is Delta your favorite airline? That’s okay, you be you and concentrate on Delta co-branded cards or American Express Membership Rewards that transfer to Delta. Don’t let anyone tell you that a co-branded card is the wrong strategy. It may be the perfect strategy…for you.


plane over mountain

You can fly whatever airline you want.


You Hate to Fly

Travel hacking can still work for you if you hate to fly or fear flying (not uncommon). Even if you road trip everywhere, hotels cost a lot of money, and the ability to stay at a hotel or Airbnb for almost nothing works just great. You can still save a lot of money if you are a road-tripper!


Yellow van on road near red mountains.

You can still travel hack if you prefer road-tripping!


You Don’t Love Hyatts

You may prefer Marriott Hotels or Hilton Hotels and want to stay in them. Perfectly fine. Just because we find Hyatt to be the best value…you be you with points and miles. Honestly, it is okay. The sky will not fall, and you can own it and do what makes you happy when you travel.



You never have to stay at a Hyatt hotel.


You NEVER want to go to Hawaii

What if you never want to go to Hawaii or any beach vacation with your points and miles? Go where you and your family enjoy, irrespective of where everyone else picks. That is the beauty of this game—you can travel anywhere in the world, get there however you prefer, and stay in whatever accommodations you like. And points and miles will let you do it for pennies on the dollar.


Girl walking down road with palm trees on side of road

It is totally okay if you never want to step foot on Hawaii!

Bottom Line

There are certain travel hacking strategies that people profess to be the smartest way to do things. We teach a lot of those strategies. Are they the only strategies out there, and are you a travel hacking failure if you do things differently? Absolutely not! You be you with points and miles, and we will always be here telling you that and cheering you on!

Back of woman's head with hat on at beach

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  1. Koralea Reeves says:

    Love this- great perspective!

  2. Lyane says:

    Thank you for this blog! I appreciate you guys so much. Just getting my feet wet with points and miles, but I am taking my family of 6 to Disneyland for 3 days (even though we are local) and saved over $1000 using your tips. It’s not a grand trip, but it’s what the family wants to do.

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