You Can Learn to Use Credit Card Points and Miles!


Anyone can learn to use credit card points and miles! And that means you! I understand that sometimes when you start, it seems complicated. I was once there. 5 years ago, Alex and I were beginners – just like you! We weren’t sure what Chase 5/24 meant, what minimum spend was, or what the heck an Ultimate Reward was. Everyone is a beginner at one time or another. The difference between a beginner and an advanced points and miles user is really perseverance. You have to stick with it, keep learning, and keep applying for credit cards.  And, unfortunately, you need to pay annual fees sometimes. Consider it paying pennies on the dollar for travel.


Baby Steps

Just as you learned to walk, it takes baby steps to learn to use credit card points and miles. It is basically four simple steps:

  1. Apply for a credit card
  2. Meet minimum spend
  3. Collect your bonus points
  4. Repeat


Don’t make it harder than it is. You won’t know all the terminology at once. Just let yourself take those baby steps and work on other things a little at a time.


Couple standing in front of waterfall in Kauai. Used Chase Ultimate Rewards for this free trip.

About 10 months after learning about credit card points and miles, Alex and Mitch were on their first points paid vacation in Kauai!


How to Learn

Learning about travel hacking can be as simple as just reading our blog a couple of times a week (we post 3-4 times a week), and following us on Instagram or Facebook. Read our beginner’s guide here.

Here are some other posts that will help you:


If you really want a one-stop shopping experience for learning, purchase our very affordable course with multiple modules and interviews. You can watch it over and over again until you “get it”.



We provide consults over zoom where you can pick our brains about anything that is confusing you, multiple questions you may have, or how to plan for a certain trip including which credit cards you should apply for. We even can do a longer consult to help you book your trip.


Everyone Makes Mistakes

You might make some mistakes along your credit card points and miles journey. You forget to pay a credit card bill (just set up automatic payments and you won’t have to worry about it). You pay too many of your bonus points for redemption. We get it. We’ve been there.

I booked a hotel once and forgot that I was traveling through the night – that was a waste of valuable points. I didn’t take into consideration the Chase 5/24 rule and didn’t get the Chase Sapphire Preferred or any Ultimate Rewards until 3 years into my travel hacking journey. It is okay! It’s learning process and you learn from your mistakes.


Expect Some Things to Be Hard

Some things will be hard for a while. Trying to decide which credit card to apply for can be confusing. We try to keep you updated on the latest and greatest signup bonus. Be sure and sign up for our email list, so you don’t miss out on these. We are sending out short emails each week to keep you updated on these things. You can also always check out our best cards page that is regularly updated with all the best deals.

Booking award travel can take some finesse. The key is to be flexible! We can help you a few times, and pretty soon you will be able to do it too!

Knowing when to keep, cancel, or downgrade a credit card may be hard at first. reach out to us for a free credit card consultation by pressing the pink button on our homepage or give us a DM on Instagram. Again, after a while, you won’t need us as much.


Bottom Line

We got ya! We are here for you. That is our favorite thing to do – help and teach beginner points and mile users. We haven’t forgotten that it was once confusing. You can travel for free or nearly free and we are here to help you!

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