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When I travel, I look forward to the journey to get there almost as much as the destination itself. Well, maybe not THAT much but I do enjoy it. When you travel with points and miles and fly business class and use airport lounges, the journey can be part of the whole experience that encompasses your holiday. I love to check out a new airline or a new airport lounge – the lounge geek in me is strong. 

We have a ton of people, my husband included, who dread the whole airport experience. Not me. Here are some of the things I use to make it more enjoyable.

TSA Precheck

Getting through quicker an airport security line is HUGE! We have TSA Precheck thanks to our credit card benefits. It has totally transformed my experience since I don’t have to take anything out of my luggage or take off my shoes.

Here are the credit cards that come with TSA Precheck:

Airport Lounges or Priority Pass Restaurants

The journey is part of the experience for me thanks to airport lounges. I have multiple cards that get me into airport lounges. My favorite card for lounge access is the American Express Platinum. It has a huge footprint in the airport lounge department. I particularly love the AMEX Centurion Lounges – really nice lounges and the Denver, Colorado one where I fly out from, has a really nice, new one. The only thing is that it can get crowded sometimes because a cardholder can bring in 2 guests until March 2023. I am actually looking forward to then when only the cardholder can come in. Unpopular opinion, I’m sure, and I’ll miss bringing friends/family in with me but it has just gotten too crowded.

DIA centurion lounge workstation

In Denver, I can also go to Sweetwater Mountain Taphouse for a free meal, up to $28/per person and I can bring a friend. Many airports have restaurants that are part of Priority Pass Lounges. The credit cards that come with this benefit include:

Business Class Seats

When I use points and miles for a lay-flat seat in business class for international seats, I really enjoy flying! It has never gotten old to me. I love having a good meal (and most are really good in business class), watching a movie, and going to sleep for most of the trip. Of course, some business class seats are better than others but all are WAY better than flying economy class. I love them so much that I usually pay for my domestic flights and save my points for business class seats.

I still am like a little girl in my business class seats and LOVE comparing the different airline’s products. Recently, I traveled from Denver to Paris and was disappointed that the flight was only 9 hours long. I felt like I was being gypped! Seriously, this grandma’s love of business class is where the journey is definitely part of the experience.

Global Entry

Another perk of credit cards is Global Entry. In fact, TSA Precheck is automatic with Global Entry so always sign up for it instead of just TSA Precheck. It has literally saved me a ton of time on returning from out of the country when I arrive back in the US. It has been key in me making a connecting flight in the US when returning from an international trip.

Bottom Line

Credit card points and miles are amazing for nearly free travel. Having these credit cards also make it easier to travel because of all the great benefits they offer.  Quick security lines, free pre-departure food, business class seats, and a quick run through customs are all the things that make the journey a part of the experience that I love.

man relaxing with headphones on in airplane seat

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