THM Podcast: #50 Strategies We’d Use if We Started Now


Welcome back, travel hackers! Have you ever wondered what cards the Travel Hacking Moms would pick if they were diving into travel hacking today? In our latest episode, we unveil the strategies and cards we would go for if we were newcomers in this game of savvy travel.

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Alex kicks off by sharing her initial strategy involving the Southwest Companion Pass, while Pam reflects on her allegiance to United and Marriott. Jess, a bit more cautious, initially opted for the no-annual-fee Chase Freedom. Now, we each have a fresh top-five list influenced by the current credit landscape and the game-changing Chase 5/24 rule, emphasizing the importance of choosing wisely to maximize travel rewards.

Although there are some similarities in our choices, each of our selections cater to how we travel. Taking a close look at each card’s benefits, how to strategically earn points, and the extra perks they offer, we aim to give you all the details you need to make smart choices about which cards work best to fit your preferences. With the evolving nature of credit card benefits, our strategies have to be adaptable to make the most of the offers on the table.

This episode is packed with insights into the strategic choices that shape a travel hacker’s journey. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, this will serve as a guide to help you through the dynamic world of accumulating and using points for travel.

Are you ready to start your travel hacking journey? We invite you to hit play and join the conversation as we explore the methods we’d use if we were beginning today. Listening in could be your first step towards mastering the art of traveling for less with the most rewarding credit cards in your wallet!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:00 Today’s episode on how we would handle travel hacking if we were starting over!

  • 02:00 Jess gives a quick recap of the Chase 5/24 rule

  • 03:00 Alex talks about the first cards that she opened

  • 06:30 Pam shares how she got into travel hacking and what cards she opened first

  • 08:49 Jess talks about the first cards that she opened when she started travel hacking

  • 10:29 Alex lists the 5 cards she would open if she were to start travel hacking today

  • 17:29 Alex shares what her pacing would be with these cards knowing what she knows now

  • 20:06 Pam talks about her travel hacking journey and how she opened her first cards

  • 23:46 Pam shares the 5 cards she would open

  • 28:45 Jess talks about the 5 cards that she would open is she was starting today

  • 35:35 Some final thoughts and how you can get started with travel hacking today!

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