Sometimes, It IS All About Luxury!


Recently, I wrote a post entitled, “It’s Not Always About Luxury” so that you could see how points and miles can be used for little family trips, sports events, emergencies, etc. We don’t want anyone to think that this game of points and miles is only about luxury but sometimes, it IS all about luxury!

Obviously, when you have a family, it takes a lot more to book a family on points for flights or lodging. However, if you are traveling as a couple, solo, with friends, etc., it will take fewer points and you might want to book a luxury trip. We have found that is one of our favorite ways to use our points and miles – being bougie on a budget! I just LOVE to travel in a way that I might not have been able to if I hadn’t gotten into travel hacking. Here are some of our favorite luxury stays that you might want to try.


Family Luxury

Every time we stay at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun we feel our family is enjoying luxury. It’s not that the rooms are so luxurious or amazing. It’s how the staff makes you feel and how the pools look. Letting your child (or yourself) indulge in any beverage or food they want feels downright luxuriant. I certainly know that Alex’s boys felt that getting churros, sweets at Pasteles whenever they wanted or ordering Pina Coladas (with no alcohol, these little boys would say 😜) felt like they had won the lottery and that their parents had certainly gotten rich overnight!

At 25K/night for 2 people or 50/k for 4 people, it is really an oversized value from Hyatt that we love over and over again. There are Ziva all-inclusive in other areas too and we can’t wait to try more of them. Here’s a review of the Hyatt Cap Cana another Hyatt all-inclusive we would like to book in the future.

If you have already signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and your Player 2 also has, look into business cards. Start a side gig or side hustle so you can get more Ultimate Rewards to transfer to Hyatt. With Hyatt, it IS all about luxury and at a reasonable price! Chase has three business cards so, between you and Player 2, you have a lot of Hyatt points to get. Work it!


Hr and beach with palm trees

It IS all about luxury at the Hyatt Ziva for the whole family


Business Class Seats

Sometime in your travel hacking career, you need to use book a business class seat! Every travel hacker needs to experience the pure luxury that is a business class (or first class) seat! One of my earlier flights in business class was on Turkish Airlines to Greece. Not only did I get a lay flat seat but a chef (in a chef hat) took our order and delivered it to us. We also had little tea lights with our meal and finally, a dessert trolley was rolled out. All while on an airplane – it felt sooooo luxurious. And the food was amazing!

While I would never, ever pay $2,000-$10,000 to book a business or first class ticket, the option of using points and miles is completely and totally luxuriant and fun. Being able to use travel hacking to do something you normally wouldn’t, is an amazing perk!


Turkish airlines business class

Luxury at its finest with a business class seat!


Unbelievable Hotels

The opportunity to stay at some very expensive hotels that I would never pay for is also a very fun perk. Sometimes it is ALL about luxury when I stay at a Ritz Carlton, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World through Hyatt, a Park Hyatt, or get upgraded to a suite. Here are some of the luxury stays I’ve really loved.


Pool, Beach, Sand and Palm Trees

The Ritz Carlton Beach Club in Sarasota, Florida


Turquoise Hotel Room

JW Marriott in Phu Quoc, Vietnam – upgrade to a suite.


large white building

The Grand Victoria Hotel, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World, in Lake Como offers oversized value!


Hotel looking over water across from Sydney Opera House

I can’t wait to stay at the Sydney Park Hyatt with Globalist Status in January!


girl lounging on daybed at Marriott Wailea Beach Resort

Marriott Wailea Beach Resort is luxury at its finest.


Bottom Line

Are these the only type of hotels we stay at? Of course not. But having points and miles, instead of cash to spend means that we can stay at them quite often. Sometimes, it IS all about luxury and we never take it for granted that travel hacking lets us enjoy a luxury lifestyle that we normally couldn’t afford to enjoy.

Large hotel near sand and water

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