Reader Success Story to Puerto Rico


Caitlin has a reader success story to Puerto Rico for us today. I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago with my sister and loved it! Here’s her story:

I got into travel hacking a little over a year ago after seeing some Facebook and Instagram posts about people traveling for free. I was a few years out of grad school at the time, but my fiancé was still in school so traveling was difficult. It was definitely out of our budget.

After reading the stories of the amazing trips these people were taking using credit card points, I remember thinking I would never be able to do that. I had no idea where to start and was terrified of ruining my credit. But once we decided to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico, I decided to bite the bullet and give travel hacking a try.

Our Trip

We had recently bought a house and were going through a renovation so I had a lot of big purchases to put on the cards, which helped me build up points quickly. We took a trip down to Puerto Rico in January 2022 to do a lot of the planning and I couldn’t have afforded it without points! I used the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom Unlimited sign-up bonuses to pay for a 4-night hotel stay in Puerto Rico along with both of our flights from JFK.


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My fiancé thought I was a little crazy for signing up for multiple credit cards at first but was totally on board once I told him we were basically taking the trip for free and that my credit score had only gone up. Because of all the money I saved, I was even able to afford to take us on a special day trip to Flamenco Beach on the island of Culebra. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


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Up Next

Now that wedding planning is almost done, I’m starting to think about the honeymoon. Our plan is to travel around the island of Puerto Rico after our wedding and see as much as we can in 2 weeks. Of course, I’ve already started thinking about how I can use points to maximize this trip. So far I’ve used the Capital One Venture card and the Wyndham Earner card to get us 4 nights at an upscale resort. My goal is to cover this whole honeymoon with points!

Caitlin, your fiancé is one lucky guy to have you! Saving all that money is awesome. Thanks for your reader success story to Puerto Rico, and enjoy that wedding and honeymoon!

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