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Sometimes cards will come out with some really great signup bonuses but require a hefty minimum spend. For example, Chase Ink Cash and Chase Ink Unlimited have great bonuses of 75,000 Ultimate Rewards (or $750) but require $7,500 in minimum spend. Meeting a $7,500 minimum spend in 3 months, can seem a little daunting.

Recently, I signed up for the American Express Gold Business Card. It had a tiered bonus of 35,000 Membership Rewards after $5,000 in spend within the first 3 months of having the card and an additional 25,000 (total of 60,000) points after spending an additional $2,500 within the first three months. I also got an amazing 30,000 Membership Rewards after referring myself from my husband’s card. Meeting a $7,500 minimum spend in 3 months is difficult. I have to admit, I’ve had to get creative and work some different angles to make it happen. Here are some ways I’ve met the minimum spend:

Daily Spend

I’ve put away all my other credit cards and just used this card for all my normal spending. If my husband has a work dinner or other expense, I’ve given him my card to use for the day. I am using it for groceries, gas, and eating out.

Total Costs: Approximately $1,200

Grocery shopping is a great way to help meet the minimum spend.

Paid for Others

I had this card on a recent trip to Mexico. I put our daily resort fees which added up to almost $700 and had everyone Venmo me their share. When I’ve gone out to eat, I’ve picked up the bill and had others Venmo me too. Look for opportunities where you can pay and have friends/family pay you back.

Total Costs: $800

Bought Home Decor

I was planning on redoing some shelves and changing up some home decor. This was the perfect time to do what was already scheduled while I needed to meet a $7,500 minimum spend.

Total Costs: $350

Switched Over Payments

I usually pay my telephone bill through my checking account for a $30/month discount. During these three months, I paid the $300 bill (for a family member too) with my AMEX Gold Business Card.  I also switched my automatic credit card payments for three months on our Direct TV and electrical bills. I also prepaid an insurance bill of $300.

Total Cost: $1,800

Meet a large minimum spend by prepaying for your cell phone or pay other’s fees and have them pay you back.

Paid for Upcoming Large Purchases

My front windshield broke months ago and the crack keeps spreading. Our deductible is more than the cost of the windshield so I decided that now was the right time to get it fixed.  Alex and I also wanted to pay for an Instagram course for the blog and were going to split the costs. I offered to pay it on my credit card and she Venmoed me her share.

Total Cost: $1,500

Paid for Airline Tickets

My husband and I are meeting friends in Palm Springs for a week. I paid for our airline tickets there and also airline tickets to visit Alex on this card. The tickets were not very expensive and I prefer to save my points for tickets that cost more or international travel anyway.

Total Cost: $500

Pay for upcoming flights if you aren’t using points.

Prepaid Timeshare Maintenance Fee

We have a few timeshares we bought ages ago before I ever heard the term travel hacking. They are in Hawaii and we still enjoy them and use them with our grandchildren. I prepaid a maintenance fee of $1,100 that isn’t due till later this year so I could meet my minimum spend.

Total Cost: $1,100

Buying Groups

Buying groups are a great way to meet minimum spend but it probably isn’t for everyone. How they work is you buy something the group wants and they pay your back. These items you’ll purchase are popular resell items. You buy them for the buying group and then they resell them for a profit. I have just recently got started with buying groups. If you decide to try buying groups out, I recommend starting with Buy For Me Retail. Make sure you read up on how the program works, you don’t want to make a costly error. Check out this video from Pack Your Bag with Points to learn more.

Total Cost: $500

Bottom Line

I’m at $7,750 with all and have more than met my $7,500 minimum spend. If needed I could have purchased some gift cards to places I usually frequent like gas stations, Amazon, grocery stores, etc. I also could have pre-purchased some gifts. I’ve definitely had to think outside of the box a bit but haven’t paid for anything I wasn’t going to eventually anyway. That being said, I’m not in a hurry to meet a big minimum spend in a short time for quite a while.

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