KLM Business Class Review


Recently, Alex and I flew KLM business class for the first time. This flight was from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam. Our final destination was Villa Orselina, near Locarno, Switzerland, but this flight offered us a convenient way to get to Europe for low cost. After landing in Amsterdam, we took EasyJet (a cheap European carrier) to Milan, Italy. From there, we drove to our hotel near the Italy/Switzerland border. We used 68K miles (transferred from AMEX) for our flights. Here is my KLM business class review.

Because we were on KLM (which is part of the Oneworld Alliance), we were able to use the Delta Sky Club. I can also use it when I fly Delta because of my American Express Platinum Credit Card. It is one of the largest airport lounges I have been to, and I always enjoy my time there.


Airport lounge

The SLC Delta Sky Club always provides a large assortment of food and beverages.


The Cabin

This flight was on a Boeing 787-9 with a 1-2-1 configuration, which means each seat has direct aisle access. Alex and I took window seats on the left side of the plane, with her right in front of me.

Everything on KLM is blue and white—the seats, the amenity kits, the flight attendant’s outfits. You even get a cute blue and white ceramic “Dutch-inspired” house when you fly business class.

At our seats, there was an amenity kit filled with the usual items (ear plugs, eye mask, lotion, lip balm, socks, toothbrush, and toothpaste). A bottle of water was in the little cupboard, along with headphones. A nice pillow and a blanket were also on the seat (honestly, the blanket was a little thin).


Small cupboard on plane with mirror, water and toiletries.

KLM amenity kit and storage cupboard.


The attendants warmly greeted us, and they passed out orange juice, water, or champagne to all of us in business class.

I felt like the seats were quite comfortable, and the foot well was larger than some others. Business class seats (especially lie-flat seats) are something I don’t take for granted. The ability to sleep on a flight is priceless and something that I could never have afforded to do over and over again without travel hacking.


women in Air France business class

My “home” for nine hours on our flight from SLC-AMS.


Feet on footwell under tv on airplane.

Getting comfy in my KLM business class seat.


Meal Service

About 30 minutes after takeoff, they commenced meal service. They handed out warm washcloths to start and then mixed nuts and a choice of beverage. We had a choice of two appetizers plus a salad and warm rolls followed by our entree (I had a quartet of Mexican appetizers—it was mostly just okay, but the Chili was really good).


klm business class appetizer

I had the tomato soup for my appetizer.


KLM entree

The chili was the best part of dinner.


Dessert followed (which was cheesecake), but it wasn’t especially wonderful.  I should have passed on the meal service and slept earlier.

I actually slept through breakfast, but they had three options to choose from. Alex told me that it was good, though—I guess I should have skipped dinner to sleep and woken early for breakfast this time! Our flight was a little over nine hours—perfect for an overnight flight. That meant two hours for dinner and a movie and then almost seven hours of sleep. I used the eye mask and earplugs they provided and had a great night’s sleep!


Airline menu

Here are our menu choices for this flight.


Before landing, they passed out the adorable ceramic canal houses to everyone sitting in business class. We didn’t realize till later that these are actually filled with alcohol, lol. While I don’t drink, I still loved getting my ceramic house to have as an adorable souvenir!


KLM ceramic house

Alex’s cute little house!


Bottom Line

I will try to find more KLM flights from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam as a means of getting to Europe. It’s the perfect amount of time for a business class flight…the nine-hour flight is enough time to eat, enjoy a movie, and still get plenty of rest! KLM, you just found a new fan!

Business Class seat on airplane

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