If Only I Could Go Into an Airport Lounge


Have you ever walked by an airport lounge and thought, “If only I could go into an airport lounge?” and wondered what they even looked like? I remember that feeling and thinking that only the very richest of people could use them or elite business travelers. I had no idea that very ordinary travelers, even those sitting in economy class, could use an airport lounge. And I had absolutely no idea that they had great food, nice rest areas, and even showers! Say what???

Luckily, those days are long gone and I now have access to an airport lounge on almost every flight I go on thanks to the perks of credit cards that I have signed up for. I have become an airport geek and relish the chance to check out multiple lounges in one day when I have a long layover. And you can too!

Credit Cards That Offer Lounge Access

There are so many credit cards that come with the benefit of lounge access. Here is a list of them:

Each of these cards offers access to different airport lounges. Priority Pass lounges have the most lounges worldwide. Most of the above cards listed  Priority Pass lounge access, but some come with access to even more lounges.

My favorite lounges that come with a credit card are the American Express Centurion Lounges and because of this, I will always keep my American Express Platinum Credit Card despite its hefty annual fee. With this card, I can also visit Priority Pass lounges as well as Delta SkyClubs when flying Delta.

Capital One has just opened a new airport lounge in Dallas and has two more scheduled for Denver and Washington D.C. I look forward to trying these out!

Bottom Line

I love to travel but sitting in a busy terminal is not my favorite thing. By using the benefits of certain credit cards for airport lounge access, my experience in the airports has completely changed. They are an oasis for rest and relaxation and the perfect way to start a trip or pass time during a layover. And the very best thing, anyone can use them (with the right credit card) – they are not just for the very rich or the business traveler!

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