Hyatt Brand Explorer Award

One of the easiest ways to get a Hyatt free night is by getting a Hyatt Brand Explorer Award. Seriously, so easy. Hyatt hotels have many brands of hotels, including:

That is a grand total of 19 brands. To be honest, I am not at all familiar with a few. Hyatt knows this and so, to encourage us to try out more brands, they will award us with a free night certificate every time we’ve stayed at five different ones of their brands. The Brand Explorer Award is given whether we’ve paid for our nights, redeemed points, or redeemed an eligible stay. This makes it even easier to get one.


It is really easy to track your progress. When you log into your account and check “My Awards”, this will come up.

I was surprised that I had only stayed at 2 brands. Then I realized that I had booked stays with my husband’s account a few times. It should be easy for me to get the other 3 stays this year at other brands. Here is my husband’s account. He only needs one more brand for the award.  We already have the Hyatt Ziva booked for June so we will be set for a free night after that stay.

You can get another free night certificate after your stay at five more different brands too. No repeats. That means that each person can earn three of them unless they come up with new brands in the future. Just like their free annual night certificates, these free nights can be used at category 1-4 stays in a standard room.

I’d happily earn a Hyatt Brand Explorer Award and stay at this category 4 Hyatt in San Diego for free!

Bottom Line

I am always looking for more Hyatt Hotel stays. This method is the easiest one ever if you like Hyatt Hotels. All you need to do is try out some different brands instead of always booking a Hyatt Place or Hyatt Ziva. Check out some other brands. After staying at five different ones, Hyatt will reward you with a free night certificate. The Hyatt Brand Explorer Award is one of the simplest ways to get a free Hyatt night.

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