How to Transfer Hyatt Points to Another Member


Our favorite hotel points are Hyatt points because of the outsized value we get from them. One Hyatt feature we love is how easy they make it to combine Hyatt points with another Hyatt member. You don’t need to be related to them or live in the same household—as long as you’re both Hyatt members, you can transfer points!  Transferring points is free, and there’s no limit on how many you can transfer. Let’s talk about how to transfer Hyatt points today.

Whether you want to transfer points to help someone have enough points to book a stay, reimburse a friend or family member for your portion of points owed for a stay, or help someone book a premium suite, it all works. The only real stipulations are these:

  • Members may only transfer or receive points once every 30 days.
  • The person transferring the points must fill out a points combining request form that both parties sign and return to Hyatt (I send mine via email).
  • It will take about 24-72 hours for Hyatt to complete the transfer (it has been almost a week for me a couple of times). Be sure to fill out the WOH membership numbers correctly as that delayed it for me one time. 😩 I also try to send it in on a Monday or Tuesday so the weekend doesn’t get in the way.

I also love Hyatt because you can share points or eligible awards (like free night certificates) that are expiring with any World of Hyatt member. If you want to gift a free night certificate, you’ll need to call Hyatt to do so. You’ll want to wait until the person you’re gifting to is ready to book their stay as you must gift the certificate as part of the booking process. In our family, we are often texting to see if someone could use a free night that is expiring soon. Contrast that to Marriott, where I can’t even use my husband’s free night certificate. Another reason that Hyatt is king in our books.


hyatt free breakfast

Bottom Line

Whether you need to transfer points to someone else or share an expiring free night certificate, Hyatt makes it easy to do. Wondering how to transfer Hyatt points or if you even can? Wonder no more!

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