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We can all agree on one thing. Earning points and miles is easier than booking award travel with points and miles. We all want the best deal possible and sometimes analysis paralysis keeps us from pulling the plug on a redemption. Let’s talk today about two different subscription providers that can help with that. Help with booking award flights is here with and AwardLogic. We have used and like both services. was previously Juicy Miles and the number one way we look for award travel, especially internationally. You enter your travel dates, airports, and class of seats and it pulls up all the possible ways you could use points to make that travel happen. Talk about help with booking award flights! I am searching for a one-way ticket to Bora Bora in October. I already booked my return on United. If you have Award Wallet, your balances and travel partners are already synched with this program.


Screenshot search


Once I hit search, it takes a few minutes for my options to come up. 26 flights came up but I am not about to use 175,000 points for a business class seat.


Screenshot of award flights

Let’s check out economy class:


Screenshot of award flights


That looks better. I’m going to check out the 32,000 point option with American Express Membership Rewards.


Screenshot of Award Flight


I check Booking options and this shows up.


Screenshot of Award Flight


I’d like to use my AMEX point so I click “Select Deal”.  The exact steps I need to do to book this are listed here. I would be sure and check with Qantas that this deal is indeed correct before I transferred my points. Transferred points are one-way transactions. Once my American Express Membership Rewards are transferred to a partner, they cannot be sent back to AMEX Rewards.


Screenshot of Award Flight


That was so, so much easier for me to find a good redemption using points/miles than me searching multiple partners myself. I have used this service multiple times.

Now it isn’t free but is so worth the cost of the search. You have several price options. We have a yearly plan because we do so many searches. That cost is $129/year. They also have a price of $5/day which is perfect for most of you. You can see that they have a booking service of $200/passenger too. They will actually work with you and your point/miles to book the best-priced ticket for you. This is a great service for people who really don’t want that hassle. When you are booking with points and miles, $200/passenger is not bad!


Screenshot of pricing

For a video on me searching award travel, click here.


Another help with booking award flights is AwardLogic. I don’t use it as much as but occasionally it is worth using both and comparing the searches. Here is what I found using the same search to Bora Bora.


screenshot booking award travel


My results were this for business class. They showed a redemption for business class but it was only Denver-LAX. I don’t think I am interested in that but it is an option I didn’t see in



Here are the economy class results:


screenshot booking award travel


When I pick the top flight which is the same flight from, I get these instructions for booking the flight. Again, I find AwardLogic a huge help with booking award flights.


screenshot booking award travel


Pricing at AwardLogic is $19.99/month but you can try it out for a month for free which is a huge bonus! They also have a $4.99/day pass.


Screenshot AwardLogic




For a video on me searching award travel on AwardLogic click here.

Bottom Line

Booking award flights can be a huge headache. Using subscription plans like and AwardLogic are a huge help with booking award flights. We use them often, especially for international travel. What are your thoughts?



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