Europe for 34K Miles One-Way in Business Class


We talk a lot about using transfer partners and one of these partners, Iberia Airlines, can get you to Europe for 34K miles one-way in business class. If Spain is your destination, then this is ideal for you. If another city in Europe is your destination you can still make this work by flying to Spain first and then grabbing a cheap flight to your next location.

Iberia is a transfer partner with American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. But because British Airways is a partner with Capital One Venture Miles, it can also work there too. British Avios, Aer Lingus Avios, Iberia Avios, and Qatar Avios can all be used to book flights on  So many possibilities that it makes my head spin sometimes!


34K to Europe

Iberia divides its calendar into peak and off-peak times. That means if you can find non-peak times you can score some sweet deals! And they are very generous with having many off-peak times.

Iberia still has a distance-based award chart which means if you fly from the West Coast you will pay more than from the East Coast because it is farther. However, their Mid-West flights are coded similar to East Coast flights meaning that flights from Boston and Chicago are also inexpensive.

If I look at Flight Connections, I can find many non-stop destinations to Madrid. Madrid has low airport surcharges so it is a perfect connecting airport to the rest of Europe. Some U.S. airports that fly direct to Madrid on Iberia include:

  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • JFK
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles


Finding Flights

Let’s check out the nonstop flight from Boston to Madrid. I could easily find a 34K award on this route although it looks like during the winter, they will decrease the number of flights they offer.

Screenshot Iberia Airlines award flight


Let’s check out a flight from Chicago to Madrid now. It took me longer to find a flight this way but I did find one and some 50K business class flights too.


Screenshot Iberia Airlines redemptions


Okay, let’s check out the JFK – tons of availability for economy and premium economy at 20K and 25K respectively. Business class was a lot harder to find and when I did find it, it was 50K Avios. Still an amazing find!


Screenshot Iberia Award Flights


Other Routes

I was able to find flights on Iberia from the West Coast and Dallas but they were more expensive at 62.5 K Avios. However, considering that I usually spend over 70K for business class seats to Europe, these are a steal. I have not flown Iberia Airlines yet and am anxious to compare their seats to other business class seats. The reviews I’ve read and the pictures I’ve seen lead me to believe that I will like it.


Iberia is known for running promotions for award travel that will let you book for even less than these unbelievable prices. I remember one promotion where you could book for 25K in business class one-way. Man, I hope I see that again! I would book that in a millisecond just to try the airline out.

Bottom Line

Europe for 34K Miles one-way in business class is one of the best deals around. Iberia Airlines can make this happen. You can find multiple flights there for 34K – 62.5K, far less than the usual 77K I spend with United Miles. what’s your take on Iberia Airlines? Have you flown business class on one of their flights? Please leave your comments below if you have!

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