Does Globalist Status Make Sense for You?


We talk about having Hyatt Globalist status so much that many of you may think you HAVE to get it. Absolutely not! We will be the first to say that it may not be worth the effort for many people. While we love it and always plan to have it, this (and everything we talk about when it comes to our journeys) are just that—our journeys. Travel hacking is NOT one size fits all. So, does Globalist status make sense for you?


Frequency of Travel

We travel a lot. Like 12+ times a year. It is our passion and our work. Most people will not be traveling anywhere near as much as we do. Globalist status is obtained after earning 60 Hyatt elite nights in a single calendar year. Now that can be a combination of stays, spend, and nights earned from the personal Hyatt card, but still—that is a LOT! Jess wrote a great article about getting Globalist without staying 60 nights that everyone should read.

Because we travel so much, the ability to get upgraded rooms, free breakfasts, and free parking makes total sense. But would it make sense for you? Is it worth mattress-running hotel stays (when you book and pay for a hotel room that you really don’t need just to qualify for elite status) or the stress of making sure you get that many Hyatt nights in a year? If you only travel once or twice a year, probably not. If you travel pretty regularly like we do, then it can definitely be worth it!


Hyatt Regency scottsdale pool

How often do you travel to Hyatt hotels or travel in general?


Are the Perks Worth It?

One way to decide if it is worth it for you is to do a cost analysis. I figure that an upgraded room is worth at least $100/night (often considerably more), parking is usually $40/night, and breakfast is usually $35+/person. If I am staying 3 nights at a Hyatt, that means my status gets me and my spouse about $630 in benefits just for that one stay.

If I travel 12 times a year (and almost always stay at Hyatt hotels), that is over $7,000 worth of value. For me, that makes it worth having Globalist status. However, if you are only traveling a couple of times a year (which is normal), it may not be worth the effort.


Brown table with white plates containing food

Globalist breakfasts save me a ton of money!

Do You Love Hyatt?

Hyatt is our favorite hotel chain because of their outsized value. Does that mean they should be your favorite, too? If you love Marriott, Hilton, or IHG more, Hyatt status probably doesn’t make much sense. If the places you travel to most don’t have a big Hyatt footprint, it may not work for you either!


Hotel room with sitting area

This hotel room at the Park Hyatt Sydney was a welcome retreat.

Luxury or Budget?

Do you mainly stay at more budget-friendly Hyatts like Hyatt Place or Hyatt House where things like breakfast and parking are already free for everyone? If so, then Globalist status probably doesn’t make sense for you. We get the most value out of Globalist status when we stay at luxury properties. Even mid-range properties like Hyatt Regency and Grand Hyatt come with lounge access or free breakfast when you have Globalist status (which is great for us), but may not matter if you don’t regularly stay at those brands.


Bottom Line

Does Globalist status make sense for you? Do not think that you must have this status (or anything we have) to really be benefitting from this amazing hobby. I suggest you try a fast track to Globalist sometime when it is offered again (we’ll let you know), and make sure it is a good fit for you. Again, you be unapologetically you!


Hyatt Cap Cana Ziva

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