How to Meet Credit Card Minimum Spend


Do you love the idea of free travel but are afraid you can’t meet that $2,000 -$5,000 credit card minimum spend to get your bonus points?  I am here to show you how to meet credit card minimum spend.   It is simpler than you think!

Getting bonus points after meeting the minimum spend on a new credit card is what we are all about.  Nothing beats getting 40,000-100,000 points just for opening a new credit card and using it to pay for daily expenses or for a big purchase item you may have to purchase.

Sometimes people want to open a credit card to get that bonus but worry that they can’t spend $2,000  or more in three months.  It is actually easier than you might think.  Think of the items you pay for monthly:

  • Groceries, Dining Out, Entertainment
  • Phone bills
  • Utilities
  • Internet and Cable
  • Car Insurance
  • Gas
  • Memberships and Subscriptions
  • Medical Expenses
  • Gifts
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepay for upcoming travel plans
  • Business expenses
  • Income taxes, property taxes


Groceries, Dining, Entertainment

I used to use a debit card every time I bought groceries, particularly if it was for a small amount. I now use a credit card for every grocery purchase.  When you are trying to meet the minimum spend on a card, always use that card.   Groceries are a huge part of everyone’s monthly bill.  Using a credit card to purchase ALL your groceries will definitely aid you in meeting minimum credit card spending to capture your bonus points.

When I eat out and am not trying to meet the minimum spend on a credit card, I always use my American Express Gold Card.  It offers 4 points per dollar spent on dining out so it is a great way to get more points on daily spend.

Grocery Items in Store

Meeting minimum credit card spend can be done by paying for your groceries!

Phone Bills, Utilities, Internet and Cable

You should always pay these bills by credit card.  Sometimes, when trying to meet credit card minimum spending, it even makes sense to pay a month or two ahead on these bills.  Most companies don’t charge any extra to pay by credit card so you might as well be getting points. Heck, you can even offer to pay your friend or relative’s phone bill!  Just have them Venmo you the money later.


Sadly, paying insurance bills is a necessary evil but at least we can get some compensation by paying our auto, house, and renter’s insurance by using a credit card.  When trying to meet minimum spend, it may be worthwhile to pay a year in advance.


Gas and Other Car Maintenance Bills

Even though we only have two drivers in our family, we still spend a lot on fuel.  We also pay for oil changes, parking at the airport, detailing our cars, tires, car registration, and repairs.  When you are trying to meet minimum spend on your credit card, it may be the time to stop putting off getting those tires that you know you really need.


Memberships and Subscriptions

Do you belong to a gym?  Do you use Netflix?  Do you belong to Amazon Prime?  All of our memberships and subscriptions need to be paid by credit card.  It may be a bit of a hassle to change out all of our payments to whatever credit card you trying to meet the minimum spend on but it feels totally worth it when you are sitting on that plane traveling to your free vacation!


Medical Expenses

If you know you will be having surgery, having a baby, getting dental work done, or any other medical procedure than consider getting a new card around that time. It will take the sting out of paying so much for your care when you know it will go towards a free trip!



We all have to buy gifts throughout the year anyway so why not put them on our credit card.  It might even be the time to finally get your Christmas shopping done early when you are trying to meet credit card minimum spend.

Christmas gifts

Buy Christmas gift early to help meet credit card minimum spend!

Gift Cards

One way to meet credit card minimum spend is to buy gift cards at places you normally spend money at. Amazon, I’m talking about you!  I buy a lot of my daily items at Amazon.  It is so convenient to not get in the car and drive to a store.  Buying an Amazon Gift Card that you know you will use, is a no brainer for me when I am trying to get my credit card bonuses. Gift cards to your favorite gas station or grocery store is another idea.


Prepay Travel

Most people travel at least once a year, many more often.  Although I travel a lot with points there are some things that I can’t/don’t use points for.  When I am trying to meet the minimum spend on a credit card, I try and prepay what I can.  For instance, if I am flying domestically, I’ll buy my flight then.  I prepay my timeshare maintenance fees.  I also pay for tours I have planned to go on while at a destination.


Business Expenses

Do you have a business?  Does your husband have a business?  If so, it is great to pay those expenses with your card if you can and get reimbursed.  My husband is a consultant and often has to travel, stay at a hotel, and eat out.  We tell the company he works for that we will pay the expenses and they reimburse us monthly.  This in itself can often meet our minimum spending.


Pay Taxes

There are times when it makes sense to pay your property or income taxes with a credit card. You may have to pay a fee but if that fee is offset by the bonus you are getting, it may make sense.   I did this once when I was trying to meet a huge credit card spend that was not only giving me bonus points but an unbelievable hotel status.  It proved to be totally worth it as that year I was continually upgraded to a suite whenever I stayed at Marriott Hotels because I had Platinum Premier status.


Big Purchases

A great time to open up a new card is when you have a big purchase coming up.  If you are already planning to buy a new washer and dryer, why not meet a credit card’s minimum spend at the same time.  Open up a new card, buy the appliances, and pay the bill off.  That is a great way to reach the minimum spend fast!


Pick Up the Tab

One way to help meet minimum spend is to always offer to pay expenses for others on your card and get reimbursed. I love to pick up the tab at the restaurant on my credit card and have people reimburse me in cash or Venmo. Anytime something needs to be purchased for a school, church, or other group function I always offer to be the one to purchase whatever we need! Everyone will pay me back and I get the points! – more points is a win for me!

Word of Caution

Keep track of what you are putting on your card.  Pay it off weekly if you need to.  The goal of travel hacking is NOT to get in debt but to get points for usual spending.  You should not be surprised by what you’ve put on a card at the end of the month.  Most importantly, never spend more than you can pay off each month!

Chances are you are already paying $1,000 a month total on these items already.  You just need to make sure you are paying with the credit card you are meeting minimum spend on at the moment.  I literally almost NEVER use cash or a debit card to pay for anything – it’s leaving points on the table!  I will use a credit card to pay for EVERYTHING, even a $5.00 purchase because it all adds up!


How I Meet Minimum Spend Every Month

Groceries $600
Phone Bill $120
Utilities $200
Eating Out $100
Car Insurance $200
Gas for two cars $300
Pest Control $90
Internet $60
Direct TV $110

That’s $1780 a month and I haven’t even put down gifts, clothes and miscellaneous things that always crop up.


Bottom Line

Don’t let minimum spend on a credit card scare you away.  Get out a paper and pencil and write down all your expenses and figure out how you can pay for them with your new credit card. While you’re at it with that pen and paper, start planning how you are going to use all those new bonus points!  Before you know it, you will have a stash of points and will truly be a travel hacker! And then, get ready, and sign up for another card!  With a plan, meeting credit card minimum spend is totally doable!


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