Bougie on a Budget


Without points and miles, I would be reduced to being a budget traveler most of the time. Because of points and miles, I can be bougie on a budget. Points and miles have let me have some experiences I NEVER thought possible!


Lay-flat Seats

I remember those days that I walked past people who were in business class. Especially when I was traveling to London to see my daughter and her family. I would really research where the best economy class seats were and book early to nab them. I remember once traveling when there weren’t a lot of passengers and getting a whole row to myself and I got to lie down for most of the trip.

Before my points and miles days, I would arrive in London exhausted with jet lag that lasted days. Now that I’m bougie on a budget, I can always plan on a good night’s sleep in business class and I am paying considerably less than my old economy class seat! Flying over to London, I usually pay $5.60 but flights out of Heathrow have heavy surcharges so these cost me about $300. I’ll pay that any day to get to stretch out in business class.

Gone are those days that I believed only the rich or businessmen with good travel budgets got to fly in lay-flat seats. Now I look around and wonder, who else is using points me?

Woman sitting in business class seat

Bougie on a budget airline seating!

Luxurious Hotel Stays

I totally admit it. I am a hotel snob now. Recently, we stayed at a Hilton Doubletree as part of our African trip. In the past, this would have been perfectly great for me. Now this bougie on a budget traveler was disappointed. Of course, we had just come from a Park Hyatt in another part of Zanzibar.

Bougie on a budget stays mean luxurious hotel rooms, fancy pool areas with food served poolside and gorgeous lobbies. Oh, and a delicious free breakfast too. I don’t want much! 😉 Points and miles have turned me into this hotel snob and it is easier too because I don’t have to pay for a family when I travel.

Multiple Trips

Bougie on a budget means I can travel in style multiple times a year versus the one main trip each year and some camping. Thanks to points and miles, I can travel the world for nearly free. Here are my 2022 trips planned (so far):

  • Africa
  • Croatia
  • London
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Cancun
  • Maui x 2
  • Bora Bora
  • Maldives

Travel is my passion and the ability to do it in style and for so little money is a huge blessing in my life. I have had incredible experiences so far and look forward to many more!

Seeing sights like these lions was made possible by points and miles!

Bottom Line

Points and miles have allowed me to travel in a style that I never thought was possible. Being able to travel bougie while still on a budget is something that you can do too! Let me know if you need help planning that luxury trip that you never thought was possible!

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