Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Review


Here is my Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Review. I had initially planned to stay at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo but started researching the best accommodations on points and miles and changed my mind. Many people felt the Park Hyatt was outdated, so I decided to try the Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills. I was not disappointed. It is set atop a 52-story skyscraper, and the views are amazing! It definitely was a WOW!!


Check-in and Service

I find the service in Japan and the accommodating behavior of the Japanese to be exceptional in general. The service at the Andaz Tokyo was superb. Everyone is over and above with thank you’s, bows and tries to be helpful.

Check-in was quick and efficient at a private table. Welcome tea beverages were served, and they promptly responded to every request. I wasn’t immediately upgraded to a deluxe room, but when I asked, they found one. The view from the room was a Wow! both day and at night.


Hotel Lobby

Check-in took place in this part of the hotel lobby.


I used 35k Hyatt points to stay at this hotel per night. Our room would have cost us $1000+ a night. The option to use Hyatt points earned from the World of Hyatt Credit Card, World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, or points transferred from Chase cards like the Sapphire Preferred to Hyatt make these types of stays possible. Just signing up for one Chase business card and then transferring the points to Hyatt can make this possible!

The room was huge, with a large sofa sitting area, a large dressing area, a huge shower area with a tub, and a separate toilet room. And, yes, it had heated seats, and it recognized us when we walked in and opened the lid. Bliss! It’s the simplest of things that we remember, right?


hotel room

Hotel room of Andaz Tokyo – sadly, doesn’t show you the size very well.


Small eclairs as hotel welcome gift.

These small eclairs were a welcome gift from the hotel – delicious!


Pajamas, slippers, and robes were available for use during our stay. They also anticipated every need for toiletries, and those were provided as well.


Blue pajamas on couch with view of large city.

Our cute blue pajamas on our couch – look at the city view!


Bathroom of hotel

The shower and tub area were massive at the Andaz.


The Andaz comes complete with free nonalcoholic beverages and some local snacks. Additionally, they had a central area or lounge in the hotel where you could find fruit-infused water and snacks all day. Between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm, they had beverages (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic) and canapés available at the lounge. We went on our second night and were impressed.


Treats and water on table

Afternoon treats at the Andaz Lounge – there are muffins and juice in the morning and canapés and beverages at night.



The main restaurant is The Tavern, where we had amazing Globalist free breakfasts. You could have the buffet or order off a menu. We did both, and the food was amazing! We didn’t eat there for dinner but ordered room service, which was very good.


Buffet breakfast

The buffet breakfast was very large and delicious at the Andaz Tokyo.


Breakfast foods on white plates.

Part of the made-to-order breakfast – I had French toast both days!


There is also a sushi restaurant, the Sushi, and a new American style Bistro, Bebu, open only on weekdays. Additionally, the hotel is adjacent to many restaurants and shopping areas.


AO Spa Review

Our last day was a little rainy, and we pushed ourselves the first three days of being in Tokyo, so we booked massages at the AO Spa. Such a great idea. They ran almost $200/person, but they were incredible, and the views from the massage rooms were priceless!

Seriously, we spent so little on this trip that it wasn’t a huge splurge to pay for massages. Hotels were free, flights were nearly free, breakfasts were free, and we often made a meal of snacks the hotels offered for one meal. We basically paid for one meal a day and subway or taxis!


Spa room with view of large city skyscrapers.

Seriously, is this view not priceless?


The girls were cute and attentive when we checked into our spa treatment. They told my husband to go into the changing area, get ready, and then come to the changing room’s entrance. My husband had a more challenging time with the accents and said, ” So, I change in the entrance?” They burst out giggling, and we all had the hardest time stopping our laughing. Cute moment.


Bottom Line

One of my favorite parts about my points/miles journey is being able to stay in luxury hotels, which I would not be able to afford without this hobby. The Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills was the perfect stay.


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