Analysis Paralysis with Credit Card Points and Miles


Analysis Paralysis with credit card points and miles. You get it. I get it. We all get it. It’s that feeling that we just aren’t sure what to do, so we do nothing. Or procrastinate doing something. Let’s talk a little about it today.


Getting Started in the Points and Miles Game

Who has been reading this, followed us on Instagram, and maybe even on Facebook, and yet has done nothing? Raise your hand, no judgment here! We actually heard about travel hacking for a while before we jumped in too! It just sounded too good to be true. We also didn’t know how even to begin. Sound familiar? We finally ended our analysis paralysis with credit card points and miles by just doing it. We read all we could about it, got that first card, and haven’t looked back.

We would have loved a beginner course that would have helped us along the way or a beginner website all about travel hacking. And that is exactly why we created both. We love hearing from so many of you that have just jumped in and are having success. Nicole’s quote that I just love is: “My husband and I are both teachers and never thought this kind of travel would be available to us. I took your class some months ago and have hit the ground running from there.” Nicole got over her analysis paralysis with credit card points and miles, has had several trips domestically and is now planning to broaden her horizons to international travel.


Getting a New Card

Analysis paralysis always hits people when they are trying to decide what card to get next. This even happens to us! I have almost reached my minimum spend on my latest card, so I was deciding today which card to get next. I went back and forth over several possibilities and finally decided on the Capital One Venture X Credit Card. I applied and then wondered if that was my best choice. See, it happens to all of us! The good news is that there is always time to get another card. So, honestly, it isn’t something we need to stress over too much.

Remember, we are always here to help you if you can’t decide which card to get also. Sometimes, just running it past another person helps that analysis paralysis!


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Don’t let analysis paralysis keep you from that trip you want to make!

How to Use Our Points and Miles

Now, this is a huge part of analysis paralysis with credit card points and miles! Not only do people get stuck with whether to use transferable points for airlines or hotels, but they also get stuck pulling the plug on using points and miles because they worry it’s not the very best redemption.

One thing that has helped me with all of this is to not buy into that common traveler hacker misconception that you just get one or two cards and use them only. Having a large stockpile of points by continually getting new signup bonuses while maintaining a credit card score over 800 enables me to pull the plug and spend points and miles more easily. I KNOW that I can earn more points and miles because I continually do so.

Another thing is to remember that free is free. Maybe you don’t always get the best redemption possible, but it is a great redemption. However, you look at it because it is free. Don’t sweat it because there are always more points and signup bonuses to be earned.


Bottom Line

Analysis Paralysis with credit card points and miles happens to all of us, not just beginners. Just move on through it and carry on, knowing that free is free and there are always more points and miles to be acquired. Letting it slow your progress just means you get on that nearly free trip later, and we really don’t want that to happen!

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