3 Reasons Why You Always Need Airline Miles


If you’ve been following for a bit then you may have noticed that credit card signup bonuses tend to fluctuate. While my strategy is to get cards for specific trips, I also think it is a great idea to have a stockpile of airline miles. The best time to create or build up your stockpile is when airline credit cards are offering increased signup offers. There are three main reasons why I like to have a stockpile of airline miles.


1. Emergencies

I don’t live near my family so having airline miles available should I need to go visit family for any reason is really nice. When my grandfather passed away a couple of years ago I was able to use Southwest Rapid Rewards to get myself to Arizona for the funeral. Last-minute flights can be pricey so having miles can be a huge money saver in emergency situations.


2. Last Minute Vacations

Sometimes things come up and there isn’t time to apply for a card, meet the spending, and then wait for the miles to be deposited. It’s nice to have some points available should an opportunity for a vacation arise. Even if I rarely go on a last-minute trip it just feels good to know that I can. One of my favorite memories is the last-minute trip to Maui my mom and I took one winter to get out of the snow. Having airline miles in a stockpile enabled us to book one week and be in Maui the next week.


3. Help a Friend or Family

When my sister broke her foot earlier this year I used Southwest Rapid Rewards once again to go spend a weekend keeping her company and helping cook and clean. My mom recently flew to London to help my other sister who was moving from the countryside back into the city. Now, neither one of us had to do these things, they weren’t emergencies, but they were super appreciated. Having airline miles on hand makes it much more doable to help those out who don’t live near you.


Sisters sitting on a couch. One with a broken foot.

Me and my poor sis with her broken foot.

Timing is everything when building your stockpile of airline miles. You want to wait till a higher-than-normal offer comes around.

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A delta airplane sitting on the tarmac at an airport

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