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We are planning a girl’s trip to Barcelona and Morocco in the Spring and one of my daughters doesn’t have enough points for business class.  What???  I had to ask her why in the world the daughter of a travel hacker doesn’t have plenty of points in her stash to travel whenever she wants.  Her answer, “I’ve just been too busy!”  What’s your excuse for not travel hacking or not working on meeting minimum spend on a credit card right now.  Really, I am intrigued to know why people don’t travel hack and always have points for free travel whenever they want to go somewhere. Here are some possible excuses:


Too Busy

Perhaps, like my daughter, you think you are too busy.  Life is certainly hectic and time gets away from us.  I laugh at myself with this excuse because I can always make time to do things I really want to, even stupid things, instead of some pretty important ones that can save me tons of money.

I always laugh that a person can spend an hour on Facebook and even spend time trying to see what kind of Disney princess they are but say they don’t have enough time to travel hack. Not collecting points and miles is like saying no to free money – are you sure you are to busy for that?



It does not take that much time to travel hack. It isn’t terribly confusing and you even have a guide through the process, Alex and I. We learned through complicated blogs. There was no one to hold our hands so our goal is to be accessible to the beginner travel hacker. We want to help you learn the ropes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Truth be told, you shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple of hours a month with organization, maybe less. If you have added all your cards to AwardWallet and Travel Freely, they do the organization for you. They keep track of your point balances, expiration dates, 5/24 status, when your annual fee is due, and when you should apply for another card.

I have to admit that every time I lay in that lay flat business class seat, I have NEVER thought, “Wow, those couple hours I spent last month keeping track of points or applying for points or booking a trip with points sure isn’t worth this!” Said no one ever who travel hacks!


Too Confusing

So many friends shrug their shoulders and tell me that it is just too confusing and they could never do this. This is the number one excuse I hear for not travel hacking. The funny thing is, most of the people who use this excuse have never really talked to us about it or read our blog. They just assume it is complicated.

You don’t need to have the knowledge Alex and I have to travel hack. You just need to get that first card. Meet minimum spend, pass go, and collect your bonus points. Then do it again. One card at a time. Don’t stress over what card to get – just get one that works for you. Having any card is better than having none. Don’t let yourself get caught up in all the different rules, just start.

Again, you have a friend in us. We are there to support and help you. Confused about what card to get next? Reach out to us and get a free credit card consultation.

Confused girl shrugging shoulders

Is thinking that travel hacking is confusing your excuse for not doing it?


Not Convinced This Won’t Hurt My Credit Card Scores

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. If you pay off your credit cards in full every month and use them on your normal daily spending you will be good. Review these credit card myths.  We both have higher credit scores now than we did before we started travel hacking.

Word of Caution: If you can’t pay off your credit card bills in full each month then this hobby is not for you. Likewise, if you have credit card debt pay all of that off first before you get into travel hacking.


It’s Too Good to Be True (Must Be a Scam)

The world is full of travel hackers. Banks offer bonus points so we try out their credit cards and become a customer. They hope we will like their card and stay with them for a long time. This has happened to me. There are cards I never cancel because I love their benefits. Other cards are not so beneficial and I cancel them after a year.

Secretly, they hope we charge a lot and they make a lot of money on us. Even interest. But we are savvy travel hackers and pay our credit cards in full each month to avoid interest.

Read any of our destination posts to see how we have used credit cards to travel for nearly free. Check out my post about what I did with credit card points personally in the last couple of years. Some amazing things really are true. You can successfully travel hack.


Bottom Line

Recently Alex noticed a bunch of her friends signing up to win two free flights to Hawaii in an Instagram giveaway. They were all dying to win this trip and the fact was there were tons of entries, only one winner to get the flights and the odds were that none of them would probably win. She then did an Insta Story about how much their odds would improve if they just got a couple of credit cards and made those free trips happen for themselves.

Isn’t it time to stop “wishing” you had money to travel? Believe in yourself and let us help you conquer all the reasons you think you can’t travel hack. I promise you that you will look back and be so, so glad you let your fears go.

I have had a passion for travel for a long time and probably would travel no matter what. But I would be doing it in economy seats and staying in low-budget hotels and probably not doing it near as much as I do now if it wasn’t for travel hacking. Instead, I am enjoying traveling to places I never thought I’d see, in a manner I couldn’t imagine for pennies on the dollar.

Come on! Jump in! No more excuses for not travel hacking. Let us help you become a travel hacker!


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