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With the increased bonus on our favorite credit card for travel hacking, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, let’s go over some ideas about using 80K Chase Ultimate Rewards. Remember that you must complete the $4000 minimum spend so that you would earn at least 84K Ultimate Rewards.  This increased offer may not be around when you read this post. However, it still gives some great ideas for using Ultimate Rewards.




Hyatt Stays

Jess’ Pick

I asked Jess where she would use an extra 80K+ Ultimate Rewards, and she said that transferring to Hyatt stays – predictable as always, right?😜 (Honestly, that is probably what we all would use them for). Hyatt just offers such outsized value, and no other currency transfers to them, so it is just common sense. I pushed her further, and she said she wanted to stay at the Andaz Scottsdale, which is a 21K/night redemption for off-peak dates.

I love Andaz’ because they give free snacks and are always upscale. With this bonus, Jess could stay there for 4 nights! Sweet! 4 nights at an upscale property, free snacks, and just one credit card signup bonus!  


Screenshot of hotel pool area in desert

Hmm, I’m thinking Jess might be on to something with this redemption!


Alex’s Pick

Alex’s pick at a Hyatt stay using 80K Chase Ultimate Rewards is the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines and Spa near Austin, Texas (Jess and her can meet up)! I think her boys would love the Western vibe of this place, and at 20K/night, they can stay 4 nights.  I saw horseback riding, a pool, and a waterpark – I think my grandsons will love it!  


White hotel with porch

At only 20k Hyatt points a night, this bonus will let Alex stay 4 nights for free!


Pam’s Pick

I’m heading to the beach with my signup bonus. The Seabird Resort in Oceanside is my pick. Alex stayed at the Seabird Resort before, and I’ve been wanting to go there. I think this will be the perfect sister’s retreat for Julie and me – the cool, beach vibe is my thing for sure. There are a lot of 25K/nights and a few off-peak 21K/nights, so I can stay 3-4 nights.  


Hotel by pool and beach

The Seabird Resort in Oceanside, California, is my pick to use 80K Chase Ultimate Rewards.


Other Uses of 80K Ultimate Rewards

While we are pretty predictable with how we would use Ultimate Rewards, here are some other suggestions. We may preach about using Ultimate Rewards to transfer to Hyatt but don’t compare your journey to ours.  


Flights to Hawaii

Southwest flights to Maui can be found for about 20K roundtrip depending on your flexibility. Booking a couples trip or a trip for a family of four is totally possible – insane, right? Just one signup bonus for Hawaii flights!   Screenshot flights to Hawaii  


Flights to Paris

Right now, Chase Ultimate Rewards have a bonus transfer to Air France/KLM. 80k Ultimate Rewards transferred to the Flying Blue program would end up being 100K Flying Blue miles if you can book while that offer is still available. The transfer bonus ends on May 15th. Even without the transfer bonus, you could get a roundtrip flight to Paris in economy class.  


Screenshot LAX-Paris flight  


Booking Flights in the Chase Travel Portal

Besides transferring your points to one of those airline partners, you also have the option to use your points to book in the Chase travel portal. This travel portal is basically Expedia and allows you to book just about any flight. If you decide to use your 80K points in the travel portal, your bonus would be worth $1,000 in flights, as each point in the portal is worth 1.25 cents.  


Bottom Line

If you haven’t gotten the Chase Sapphire Preferred yet and want to travel hack, all I can say is, “What are you waiting for?” Ultimate Rewards are the easiest currency to use for both hotels and flights. Using 80K Chase Ultimate Reward is so easy, and this card should be in everybody’s wallet. If you’ve had it for 48+ months, see how you can get it again!

Lifeguard station with number 10 on it at beach

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  1. Should I still sign up for a Chase card If the welcome offer is cash and not points?

    • Pam says:

      I’m not sure what card you are talking about. The Freedom cards and two of the business cards are cash back UNLESS you have a CSP, CSR, or Ink Business Preferred. As long as you have one of them, you can combine your points as Ultimate Rewards.

  2. Iman says:

    If I open a Chase Sapphire, get my SUB and cancel my card after the first year (to avoid applying the fee)… am I not able to apply 48months AFTER I opened the card or after I canceled it??

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