Stockpile Knowledge and Earnings with Credit Card Points & Miles


With COVID on the rise, some people are more reluctant to travel until things calm down a bit. If that is you, then now is the perfect time to learn all you can so you can create stockpile of points and miles. Take this time to learn all you can about credit card miles and points so you can earn a lot of them! This will make it so much easier to plan fun trips when you feel like you want to travel again!


Stockpile Knowledge

We hear from so many of you that feel overwhelmed with all the terms, all the credit cards and, all the information that is presented. We get it. We used to feel that way too. It’s kind of like that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time.

Make a plan on how you are going to learn all about the points and miles game. Here are some ideas:

Read Our Blog

You know where to find us because you are reading this! Make it a habit to check in a few times a week to see what we have posted about. Read our beginner’s guide. We usually post 3-4 times a week. We cover the best credit card signups, trip destinations, and all aspects of travel hacking.


Follow Us on Instagram

Alex does a great job with informative stories, hilarious reels, and posts about 4 times a week. We try and answer all DM’s daily so don’t be shy! Ask away! This will really help with your education in this fun hobby.



Want a two on one 45-minute session with us to ask all your questions? Pick our brains? Need clarification on the things you’ve learned. Just email us at to book a session. It is only $50 a session and we can tailor make it your needs.


Take our Course

Our video course is a great way to get all the beginner information in one spot. The best part, in my opinion, is the interview series after the course where you get a good review about what you’ve learned and further clarification. Once you purchase, the course is yours and you can rewatch it all you want. In the course, we’ll go over all the basics of how travel hacking works, how to earn points, how to book travel, and so much more!


Travel Hack Course

You can now order our new travel hacking course!

Credit Card Consultations

Ready for a new card but don’t know which one to get? Just press the button that says “Free Credit Card Consults” on our blog homepage and ask away! Feel free to ask any questions you may have that way too!


Stockpile Earnings

We hear from so many people who suddenly want to use points and miles for a trip they want to go on in two months. Sadly that is probably not going to happen. You need time to earn those points, get them in your account, and then find and book your travel. That is why we encourage people to get a stockpile of points and miles so you have options whenever you feel like you want to travel again.

Our favorite story is when we were looking out at the snow at Alex’s one day and decided we wanted to go to Maui. Thanks to our stockpiles, we were there 10 days later!

Just because you may not be traveling right now, especially since summer is over, now is the time to keep applying for cards, stashing those points, and be ready for travel later. Start earning towards your travels for next summer. Putting your spending on one card all the time is the slow way to earn points. Effective, but slow. Ideally, you want to apply for a few credit cards a year. That is the way to really bump up your stockpile and travel for nearly free more often! It is through those high bonus signups, that you quickly, and most effectively, earn credit card points and miles.


Surfboards that spell out Aloha

Stockpile Knowledge and Earnings and you could be in Hawaii next summer with points and miles!


Bottom Line

You may not want to travel much this winter due to the virus or due to having to work. Now is an excellent time to stockpile your knowledge and earnings in the points and miles game. Take advantage of slow times to do more earning and prepare for when you are ready to travel more.

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