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I love travel hacking because it allows me to do things I couldn’t have imagined. Even things I didn’t know existed! Ever since I heard about Singapore Suites, I have been wanting to fly in them. Singapore Suites has been a dream flight for me for a very long time.

I was already planning to go visit my daughter, who lives in London, before she and I left for a trip to the Maldives. There were several business class flights I could have used to get straight to London from Denver or with just one stop. But I had heard about a flight from JFK – Frankfurt that was on Singapore Suites and decided to just “look.”

I was planning to go to London around October 10th and even had a flight booked via Air Canada. When I started to look at Singapore with the plan to change my flight, I found no availability around the 10th. There were some waitlisted flights, but I was not interested in one of them. Waitlisted flight? No thanks! I looked in both directions and finally found a flight from JFK to Frankfurt on the 5th. The following screenshot is similar to what I found:


screenshot Singapore Suites availability


You can see there is usually very little availability in the suites so I needed to be flexible and act FAST!


Transferring Miles

Luckily, Singapore KrisFlyer is a transfer partner for every currency of points/miles. I have a lot of American Express Membership Rewards, so I transferred 143,500 to Singapore. It took a few hours to transfer over, and then I immediately booked my seat. I was able to use one American Express Business Platinum Card signup bonus for this card. How crazy is that? Yes, it is a lot of points, but those points were earned by paying my estimated income taxes that I had to anyway. It’s nice that I got a dream flight for paying taxes – something I had to do anyway!

I did it! I was finally getting a chance to fly Singapore Suites! I had a dream of Singapore Suites and a LOT of AMEX rewards, so why not?

I needed to be in London on the 10th, so I asked Alex if she wanted to go somewhere for five nights, and we settled on Paris. She ended up booking a flight in business class for 81,000 miles- not exactly slumming it either!😜


Positioning Flights

Because I was flying from NYC, I did a positioning flight on JetBlue from Denver. I used 12,100 points (transferred from Citi ThankYou Points) to fly in a Blue Extra seat. I always plan to get there hours earlier with a positioning flight so that I don’t have a problem if there are delays on my first flight. (Even better, you can fly in the night before and use points to stay at an airport hotel.

Screenshot Jet Blue flight details


We spent time in the JFK Centurion Lounge and the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse before our flights. Have I mentioned that I love airport lounges? It was my first time in a Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, and they are unique because it is just an ala carte menu. We scanned a QR code, ordered from it, and our food was brought directly to us. We split a burger and fries, kale salad, and even enjoyed a banana split!


Lounge with pool table int it

The unique vibes of the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK airport!

From Paris, I used a cheap Air France ticket to get to London. I spent a few days in London with my four grandchildren and then stole their mom away for a much-needed getaway (she just completed a Master’s degree).


My Thoughts on My Singapore Suites Dream Flight

Unreal. I loved every single second of it! The attendants were attentive and fun. I was led to my suite and couldn’t believe how spacious it was. There was a small closet for my suitcase and backpack, and it contained slippers and socks. My “seat” was a comfortable leather chair that swiveled and had a leg rest. On the long wall was a bed that was folded up, and opposite me was a large tv.


Woman sitting in lounge chair

I’m all smiles on my Singapore Suites dream flight!


The amenity kit included a room spray, lotion, and lip balm.  Alex came up and visited me a few times. The crew was really cute about wanting to take pictures for us.

Champagne was served preflight, but since I don’t drink, I had orange juice. The dinner service started about an hour after departure. First up, caviar (after warm nuts).  I’ve never even tried caviar, but since I was in Singapore Suites, I thought I needed to try it. Surprise! I liked it!  Next up was a yellow tomato soup with homemade croutons – delish! I had the tenderloin with ricotta cheese and peppers and finished it with a plum tart. Everything was really good! Airplane food is usually not good, but business class and first class food are surprisingly tasty.


Caviar and a plate of accompa

Caviar is a must with Singapore Suites!


Vanessa, one of the wonderful crew members, had previously given me some pajamas to wear, so I went to the bathroom to change while she made up my bed. The pajamas were really comfy, as was the bed. The bathroom was SO impressive – it was the size of a smaller bathroom in my house. It had a makeup station, a diaper-changing station, and several amenities like toothbrushes, combs, and other personal items. The suite itself was large, but the bathroom just totally surprised me! With just five people sharing two bathrooms (one was smaller), I really felt spoiled.


Woman taking picture in mirror of bathroom

This is the hugest bathroom of any airline I’ve ever seen!


This flight from JFK-Frankfurt was only about 7 hours long, so I wanted to get some sleep. I watched some tv and ate and then I tried to sleep for 4 hours. I even asked Vanessa not to wake me for breakfast so I could get a little more sleep.


Woman in black pajamas in bed on airline.

Ready for sleep in Singapore Suites!

Bottom Line

Flying Singapore Suites was truly a bucket list dream for me, made possible by points and miles. My only problem with it was that it wasn’t long enough. I would have loved to do it on a much longer flight where I could have slept longer and then had breakfast. I can’t say enough good things about the experience! I am so grateful that points and miles made my Singapore Suites dream flight a reality! Now on to planning Emirates First Class and that shower in the sky!

Large Airplane Suite

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