Renee’s Travel Hacking Success Story


One of our readers, Renee, submitted the following travel hacking success story. We appreciate her taking the time to send this to us!


Renee’s Story

I’ve had a few travel rewards credit cards in the past that I’ve used to earn free hotels or flights. When I saw Pam and Alex’s travel hacking success I was very intrigued. Instead of getting a free hotel night or flight here and there they were getting their whole trips for free! I decided to try it out and got a new credit card earlier this year. I was confused by how much I needed to spend and missed the bonus by just $100!  Talk about wanting to give up!  Then I saw how Pam and Alex had written about a way to keep track, stay on top of the deals, and refer cards between my husband and myself. I realized I could do this, it would just take a little more organization.

In the last year, we’ve had ample free hotel stays – for our family reunion and a wedding. We also went on an anniversary trip to see Paul McCartney.  I used Delta Points to get my daughter to a Study Abroad program in London over the summer for free! Using points, we were able to ensure that she and her cousin could sit together and not worry about luggage fees. I even gave her cousin some points so her flight wasn’t as expensive! Talk about a success story! I have had many successes with travel hacking now and am so glad I didn’t give up!

The freedom these travel hacking tips give me in traveling is one of the things I love most.  When one of my sons recently decided to move home, I was able to get him a last-minute flight. I even had enough points that he could fly first class so he could have more legroom.  It’s nice to be able to splurge when it is actually free!


Thanks, Renee! Please send your success story to us so you can be featured on the next reader success story!  We have enjoyed all the ways we have used credit cards and love to hear your travel hacking success stories too!

Girl in Paris who got there free with Travel Hacking

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