Reader’s Success Story: For the Love of Travel Hacking


One of our loyal readers recently wrote about her love of travel hacking in a new blog she has started. Kim gave us permission to share it with you.

I have loved to travel for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of family vacations “down the shore” and when I took my first international trip to Germany in 10th grade, I knew traveling would need to be a part of my life for my entire life. As a young 20-something, fresh out of college and living on a very modest income, my travel goal was to take one trip a year. For years, I scrimped and saved in order to take that one trip a year and I loved every minute of it.

Then, last year, knowing I wanted to travel more than once a year, I started to make my travel goals a part of my morning manifesting routine.  I started by making a list of all of the places I wanted to go to. Then, I made a plan for what trips to take and when. Then, it was onto figuring out how to finance the trips.

Well, this is where things came to a screeching halt. Truth – this girl has champagne taste and likes to travel in luxury. However, I don’t have the budget to support my luxury travel wish list & style. So, I spend a few weeks trying to figure it out on my own … crunching the numbers of my budget, trying to see where I could cut expenses, etc. One day during my morning routine, I gained a new perspective. Instead of trying to figure out what I could cut out of my life in order to travel (cue – $7 lattes every morning), I started to explore things I could add to my life that would enable me to travel more. Ideas started to come to me: start a side hustle, convince friends to go with me to split the costs, splurge only on the hotel/resort (fly economy), and so on.

Kim’s Ah-ha Moment

Then, a year ago, I was scrolling Instagram and discovered travel hacking. For years, I wanted to travel more. For years, I had a credit card that earned points. For years, I had no idea I could link the two! Enter … @travelinghackingmom. Somehow I scrolled onto one of their posts and there was the answer I was looking for! Credit card travel hacking. Could THIS be the way I could expand my travel budget, travel more & travel in luxury?

I was skeptical and immensely intrigued. I thought it was a scam or hoax. As my type-A self, I jumped in, started to do my research & followed more travel hackers on Instagram. A few weeks later, I opened my first travel credit card. Still skeptical, but willing to try it out.

Three months later, I used points to book a romantic weekend getaway at a 5-star hotel in Washington DC for $0 (without points the room would have cost $800/night). Yes – travel hacking was my answer to traveling more & traveling in luxury!


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Kim’s first redemption was in Washington DC at a swanky hotel!

Kim’s Trips

Since then, I have been strategically opening new credit cards & accumulating points to help make my travel goals my reality. Thanks to travel hacking here are a few of the vacations I have taken & planned using points & miles …

  • Amsterdam – March 2022

  • Swanky Spa Vacation in Arizona – November 2022

  • Luxury Beach Vacay in Cabo San Lucas – December 2022

  • Greece – Summer 2023


Bottom Line

Kim, we are so proud of you! This can be anyone reading this article right now. A year ago, Kim was just a newbie too, and look at what she’s accomplished!! If you want to start travel hacking, go for it!


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