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New to travel hacking? Want to save money on flights and hotels? Want to travel like you’ve heard others travel with points/miles but not sure how to do it? We totally get it! We were right where you were a few years ago. Unsure of where to start, trying to understand the lingo, and more than a little confused. Since then we have used points and miles to travel the world (often in lay-flat business seats), stayed in luxury hotels, and saved tens of thousands of dollars with points and miles. We have also used our rewards for fun domestic family trips and last-minute girl’s trips. Most importantly, we cater to the beginner travel hacker and we are here to teach you our ways!

About Us

We are a mother-daughter duo who have been travel hacking for 4 years. We were once new to travel hacking too and tried to learn from blogs that taught really advanced topics. Seeing a need for a beginner blog, Alex began one and later talked me into helping her with it. We are great at handholding, helping beginners deciding what card to sign up for, and helping you plan your trip with points along with deciding if you should keep or cancel a card. We are there for you every step of the way!

Alex is a stay-at-home mom of 4 cute boys and I am a retired RN who loves to travel. I used to be an extreme couponer but have traded free toothpaste for free flights! We have been successful in using our points/miles to travel and our passion is teaching others in a simple way how to travel hack.

Two women standing in front of swimming pool
Alex and I on a nearly-free trip to Maui!

Read Beginning Blog Posts

Your first step should be to read some of our beginning blog posts. I have attached some of them below:

If you have any questions about these posts, send us an email at or No question is silly or not important. We will try to answer you promptly.

Consider Taking A Beginner Travel Hacking Class

Our new video course is a cheap way to learn the basics of travel hacking. This is a high-quality course you can watch over and over again.

Should you decide you’d like one on one information and pick our brains, especially about booking a certain vacation, we offer inexpensive consultations too. Send us an email at to learn more about that option. We offer a 45-minute consultation for $40 and help you book your vacation with your points for $100. If you are interested in these options fill out this form and send it to us.

On the sidebar of our blog is a pink button where we offer free credit card consultations. Please use that button any time you are not sure what card you should get next. They are free and we are happy to help you.

Credit Card Scores

The biggest fear people have with travel hacking and getting more credit cards is that their credit card scores will plummet. As long as you pay off your bill each month and use your credit cards for normal spending this will not happen. Our credit scores are higher now than when we started as new travel hackers. Check out this article about credit card scores for more information.

Links to Credit Cards

We love, love, love when you use our links to sign up for your credit cards. You can trust that we will always send you the best link out there (even if it’s not ours) so you get the most points possible. We will also encourage and help you find your referral links so you can get referral points when you want to refer a family member or friend. One way to get a link to credit cards is to look at the top of our home page under “Best Cards”. You should find some of our favorite cards listed there. Occasionally, the best deal comes through our personal referral links though so please double-check with us.

Favorite Beginner Credit Cards

One of our favorite beginner credit cards is the Chase Sapphire Preferred because it can be used in so many ways – flights and hotels. Right now it has an all-time high bonus offer so you might want to consider opening that one first. Here is a review of that card. It is the perfect card if you are new to travel hacking.

We also think the Capital One Venture Card is a great first-time credit card for travel hacking. The points aren’t as valuable as the Chase Sapphire Preferred but it is the easy card when it comes to redeeming your points.

Beginner Advice

Be sure and start small if you are new to travel hacking. Apply for that first credit card, complete the minimum spend on that card, and then get another credit card. It is virtually one card at a time. You can do it!

To stay organized, use Award Wallet and Travel Freely. Let them do the work of the organization for you. If you start with them as you begin, you will spend very little time on organization.

Do not apply jointly for credit cards if you are married. You want to get points for you AND your spouse to use. We want all the points we can possibly get!

Reach out to us along the way. We are your source of guidance and help and we love teaching people who are new to travel hacking our methods to travel hack successfully.

Look at Chase’s credit cards first because Chase has this crazy rule called the 5/24 rule where they won’t approve you for a Chase card if you’ve opened more than 5 cards from ANYONE in 24 months. We like to open our favorite Chase cards first and go from there. It can be a little complicated at first but, if you signup for a free credit card consultation, we will help you navigate that rule.


Once you start travel hacking you will find endless options to use your points and miles. Here are some of the places we’ve used our rewards:

Santorini, Greece, and a view I never tired of! You can go there with points/miles too!


Bottom Line

You can do this! Even if you are new to travel hacking and aren’t really sure what it is, we can teach you and you can be successful. You too can use points/miles to travel for free or nearly free as we do. Let us help you learn and enjoy the perks of travel hacking!

Ocean and sand view

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