Make 2023 Your Travel Hacking Year


I’m sitting at home on Christmas Eve. Alone. The one thing I didn’t want for Christmas happened to me – COVID! I mean, seriously, now? I think that I was the only person in my whole entire family who had never experienced it, and three days before Christmas, it reared its ugly head. The only thing that is keeping me from losing my mind is thinking about and planning for travel in 2023. I will book a few trips during the next few days. How are you going to make 2023 your travel hacking year?


Learn All You Can

To really succeed in the points and miles game, you want to learn all you can. You can definitely do that with all the free content we post on our website and Instagram. We publish posts five times weekly and numerous educational and fun bits on IG, including informative carousels. You can learn so much if you keep following us.

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Are you chomping at the bit, wanting to learn all you can about travel hacking, like yesterday? That’s me to a tee, and I always want to go big or go home. Our Award Travel Academy is a one-stop way for you to learn quickly and be on the way to more nearly free trips in 2023.


Woman sitting in white rocking chair on cobbled street

This can be you in 2023!


Earn Those Points

We know that Christmas takes a lot of planning and work – been there, done that. Now it’s time to get back to earning more points. The quickest way to make your travel dreams a reality is through those high welcome offers, not through that common misconception of putting all your spending on just one card. Each of us (and our spouses) signs up for 4-6 cards yearly! And each of us has credit card scores over 800! That is why you see us traveling so much – it’s all due to those big welcome offers!

If you’ve taken some time off from opening cards, now’s the time to earn points for 2023 travel. Where do you want to go this year? Hawaii? Greece? The Hyatt Ziva Cancun? The first step is always the same – earn those points!


Get a Player 2 Onboard

A spouse makes a great player 2 if you travel as a family or couple. I often travel with my sister, so sometimes she is my player 2, where we share our points. Jess went to Greece with her friend as a player 2, which also saved her many points on their hotels! Work on that reluctant spouse or friend to become your player 2.


Two women standing in front of white wall with sea in background

Having a Player 2 can decrease the number of points you need for hotel stays.


Make a Plan for 2023

Decide where you’d love to travel to in 2023. If you actually have a goal in mind, you will be more successful at achieving it. Then decide what credit cards and points will help you get there. We are here to help you – we try and answer DM’s daily or reply to our newsletters, so feel free to ask what credit cards will help you reach your goal.


Bottom Line

How often have you wished you did something but never really got around to it? Don’t let travel hacking be that thing that you never pursued. Don’t miss out on wonderful vacation memories you could create this year with your family. Make 2023 your travel hacking year!

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