Laura’s Travel Hacking Success Story


Our reader success story comes from Laura. She sounds like she has tackled this hobby head-on. We love that she has figured out that it isn’t about just getting one card but about multiple sign-on bonuses! Laura’s travel hacking success story is a great example to follow.


Laura’s Reader Success Story

My name is Laura. My husband tagged me in one of your recent IG reels. Let’s just say that life hasn’t been the same since then. Since 2018, I’ve been accruing and utilizing travel rewards points to book flights and hotels. With our Chase Sapphire Preferred points, we have flown from Miami to Oahu, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, and many other places.

Before I ran into your Instagram page, I was unaware that there was so much more to travel hacking than just utilizing one credit card to accrue points. (This is a huge beginner travel hacker misconception).

In the last two weeks that I’ve followed you, I’ve read over ten of your blogs, applied for two co-branded airline credit cards (Chase United Quest and Barclays Aviator Red Elite), and helped my husband apply for one credit card (Barclays Aviator Red Elite). We already met the minimum spend for two of those three cards and we’re working towards meeting the minimum spend on the third card. Additionally, we have a lineup of other credit cards to apply for in the coming months. We’re already in the search for our next travel adventure, which we can’t wait to book with the points from the cards you recommended. Despite applying to multiple credit cards, our credit score remains consistent.

I have messaged you on IG multiple times, and you guys always reply within 24 hours. Thanks for sharing so many resources so generously. I am so excited about this upgrade in our travel hacking hobby. Looking forward to sharing photos in the future of where our free points take us. Our goal is to travel first class for FREE and I’m sure that with the Travel Hacking Mom resources, we will make it happen in months.


Oahu, Hawaii, March 2021 booked fully with Chase Sapphire Preferred points.

Bottom Line

Laura, thank your husband for connecting you to us! You are a travel hacker natural. We can’t wait to follow your journeys – see you in first class!

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