Kaylee’s Disneyland Family Vacation on Points


Back in August, reader Kaylee and her family went on a Disneyland vacation using points. Kaylee was able to get free flights for her family of 7 and paid just a small amount for her 6-night hotel stay! Keep reading to see how she did it.


Kaylee’s Disneyland Vacation on Points

We were planning a trip to Disneyland for our family when we heard about Alex’s travel hacking. The trip was planned to be three months away but we hadn’t purchased anything for it yet. We had never planned a vacation as a family and were clueless! With a family of 7, we knew the trip would be a bit pricey. We loved the idea of free travel and immediately decided to go this route.

My husband and I each applied for the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card. By the time we were approved and received our cards, we were really tight on time. We were now just a month away from the time we had planned to go. We still had to make our qualifying purchases to receive the signup bonus, and get flights and hotel booked. Deciding it wouldn’t be the best use of points to purchase last-minute, expensive flights, and hotel, we decided to postpone our trip for one year. It was hard to do but so worth it! It also helped that Star Wars Land wasn’t opened yet 🙂

Having one year to plan gave us plenty of time to build up our stash of points for our Disneyland vacation. We were able to book everything early to get good deals on flights and hotel.


Flights and Hotel Using Points

We used our reward points to book cheap flights in the Chase Portal for all 7 of us! We flew Delta from SLC-LAX.  Alex recommended the Hyatt House for quality and convenience and we loved staying there! We were able to walk to Disneyland since it was just 1/2 mile away. We booked a 6-night stay in one of their upgraded suites. All but $175 of the hotel cost was covered with points!

Being able to use points to pay for flights and a hotel was such a blessing and we were able to spend our hard-earned money on park tickets and other small expenses.

Overall we saved about $2,500! When it came to credit card points and travel hacking, we were beginners. It required more planning when we first got started but it was well worth it to get our family vacation to Disneyland mostly paid for with points. We are now building up more points for whatever our next vacation will be!


Your Turn

Thank you so much, Kaylee, for sharing your story with everyone and inspiring other beginner travel hackers! If you would like to be featured on our reader success stories please send us a message. We would love to share your story!

Kaylee's family in Disneyland using points

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