Is a Travel Hacking Course Really Necessary?


When we first started travel hacking, we would spend hours reading, researching, and running practice award searches. But it was way too time-consuming.

We would try to take in and digest all the content, and after the hours flew by? We were left all alone to fend for ourselves and to figure out the next steps.

Not fun.

So, this is how our travel hacking courses, Award Travel Academy and ATA Next Level, were born.

For the price of an airline ticket, you can quickly and methodically learn how to travel hack in a manner that reinforces learning and builds upon levels.

Not only is the saying that time is money true, but having a travel hacking course that is visual and includes so many cheat sheets and PDF guides makes it not only easier to learn, but also more fun.

And if you’re one of those people who’s thinking: “I don’t need to pay for a program. There’s plenty of free resources, social media content, and ‘courses’ out there that do the same thing…”


Our Travel Hacking Courses and Why They’re Different

Here’s a few reasons on what sets Award Travel Academy and ATA Next Level apart from the other courses you see online:

  1. Personalized credit card strategy feedback. This is included with Award Travel Academy and helps get you on the path to working smarter, not harder when it comes to planning out which cards make the most sense for your personal travel goals. Travel hacking isn’t one size fits all, and you need a strategy that aligns with your goals.
  2. Monthly group coaching calls. These are included with ATA Next Level. Have the points but not sure the best way to go about planning your dream vacation? Each month we coach two students on how to turn their dream trip into reality using the points they’ve accumulated using the methods we’ve taught them. Even if you aren’t one of the students being coached, you’ll learn a ton just by observing!
  3. Access to the Travel Hacking Mom team in our private communities, which gives you plenty of time to implement, learn, ask questions, and refine your own processes. Each of our two courses has its own private community where you’ll receive feedback and guidance from not only THM but also other students! 

This is all in addition to audio-recorded lessons, PDF guides, cheat sheets, video tutorials, booking video walk-throughs, and more.


Still not convinced our signature Travel Hacking Mom courses are worth the investment?


Testimonials From Award Travel Academy and ATA Next Level Students:


Award Travel Academy travel hacking course testimonial
Award Travel Academy travel hacking course testimonial
Award Travel Academy travel hacking course testimonial


Time Investment for this Travel Hacking Course

Worried about how much time you’ll need to invest? These programs are designed to be self-paced and on your schedule.

If you want to take advantage of every ounce of coaching and be the front row student, come on in. If you have 1 or 2 hours per week to implement, that’s enough.

These programs are for you. And we know you’re ready. Start where you are, and we’ll take it from there.

See you inside!

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