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The Capital One Venture X Card is one of our new favorites. We talked about how a family can use all the great benefits the card gives along with the welcome bonus for a family trip. International destinations with the Venture X card are a great use for it too! Where would you like to go? Let’s talk about some fun possibilities!

Note: These offers were current at the time of publishing but offers and redemptions change frequently.



My first trip to Greece was aboard Turkish Airlines. This was also Alex’s first business class trip and I enjoyed watching her be so excited to fly in a business class seat as much as enjoying it myself. Turkish is a great airline for flying to Greece, especially because they have one of the best airport lounges in Istanbul that you get to enjoy. A man, adorning a chef hat, took our order, they presented the delicious meal with tea lights and then brought by a cute dessert trolley at the end of dinner. We flew from Chicago to Athens and then went on to Santorini and Mykonos. I highly recommend this trip!


Turkish Airlines is a partner with Capital One so let’s see if we can recreate the trip. This trip was only 45,000 miles in business each way which is an incredible value! They do charge a bit more in taxes, about $200 one-way in business class, but I’d say it’s worth it!

Screenshot Turkish Airlines award booking


sitting on balcony in Santorini

Make Greece a reality by using Venture Miles!



Another favorite destination choice of many readers is Italy. I adore Italy and never tire of going there. How can we go to this fabulous international destination with the Venture X Card?


Screenshot of Avianca lifemiles award redemption



You can book a flight to Italy in economy for only 30,000 each way by transferring your Venture Miles to Avianca Airlines Life Miles. As you can see in this example, you will then be flying on one of their partners in the Star Alliance, Lufthansa Airlines.




Paris, the city of lights, is one of the most dreamed about destinations in the world. We can transfer Venture Mies to Air France for a flight to Paris from multiple cities. In this example, I looked from LAX and it was only 27,000 miles for economy class. That is such a great price!


Screenshot Air France award redemptions


The Eiffel Tower is a must-see on your Paris itinerary!



One of my bucket list destinations is Singapore and one of the airlines that I want to fly on is Singapore Airlines. Since Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of Venture Miles, let’s see if I can get there in business class with the welcome offer.


Screenshot of Singapore Airlines award fights


would totally pick that 22:05 flight for 95,000 miles as I could sleep through most of the flight. Nothing is better than arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to go! What’s even better is this flight is non-stop.



I’ve been to Switzerland twice but I would love to return. It was breathtakingly gorgeous and I NEED to explore more of it. Luckily, with my Venture Miles from my Capital One Venture X card, I can do it! International destinations with the Venture X Card are so easy to find. Honestly, as I’ve written this post, I’ve randomly picked dates on all these different airlines and immediately found award flights. Easy, peasy – you too, can find them!  Here’s what I found for flying to Switzerland after transferring Venture Miles to Air Canada.


Screenshot Air Canada award redemption


You can see that I can fly economy or business class. I think you know how I’ll be flying but if I was going with a family, we’d be in economy.


Lauterbrunnen was simply gorgeous!


Bottom Line

The welcome offer on the Capital One Venture X Credit Card will get us to many, many international destinations. There are a ton of travel partners and they travel all over the world. Your choices are unlimited. Additionally, besides the miles, you will have the use of the $200 Airbnb credit and the $300 statement credit in the portal to make your travel even cheaper.



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