How to Travel Hack to Bora Bora


I’m not sure if I’m writing this post for our readers or for me. One of the places I most want to go to is Bora, Bora. I figured if I wrote a post about how to travel hack to Bora Bora, I’d be closer to making it happen, so here goes.  Let’s use points and miles to get to Bora Bora! (I actually have been since I started this post but thought the information would still be good for some of our readers!)

I’m also going to show you a little about my process of planning a trip with points and miles again. That is always the hardest part!




First of all, I want to look at some possibilities, so I will check out AwardHacker. I will put in my home airport of Denver but you would use your airport.  It is a long flight so I will be looking in business class, but you could also check out economy class if you don’t mind that. I have bad knees now, so I can’t deal with a long economy-class flight anymore (and I have a lot of points)!

Most flights from the U.S.  first stop at the Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti. From there, you hop onto a 45-minute plane to get to Bora Bora. This extra flight will run you about $400/per person. Going to Bora Bora is not cheap! (All the more reason we need to use points and miles for as much as we can)!


Screenshot of award flights to Tahiti


This gives me a starting point, but it isn’t set in stone. For instance, I couldn’t find ANA availability and I looked at several dates. Bora Bora is SUPER popular, and finding award dates takes some searching. Ideally, you should look a year out.

I then went down to Air France. I did find some availability but not from Denver. In many cases, you find more availability if you look at a different airport. I switched my search to San Francisco and found limited availability.


Air France


screenshot of award flights

No flights out of Denver, but I found this when I changed to San Francisco:



screenshot of award flight


United Airlines


Next, I decided to look at United. I looked almost a full year out, hoping to find good availability. Economy was fine, business was way more than I’d ever pay! I would hope that some Business Saver Awards open up and keep looking. If not, that 8-hour flight is looking like I could do it in economy. Actually, since I have Gold Premier Status on United, I’d get Economy Plus, so that is doable.


screenshot of award flights


I did find good availability in economy by switching from San Francisco to my home airport of Denver, so I wouldn’t have to position for a flight.


screenshot of award flights to Tahiti on United


American Airlines


Flying on American Airlines parnter, Air Tahiti Nui, has always been popular. This took some changing dates, but I found availability in November of 2023. Being flexible with award bookings to popular destinations is a real thing.


Screenshot of award flight to Tahiti


It helps to open up a 30-day calendar to find availability. I did find availability in the economy but none in business after looking at multiple months. Sometimes, last-minute availability opens up, and you could change your flight class.


30 day award flights

Thoughts on Flights

I need to rethink my thoughts on a business class seat based on what I found today. Of course, I will keep looking and update this post with what I find. Occasionally, someone in the blogging community finds a great business class deal (that lasts seconds), but I’ll keep trying! Right now, Air France seems my best bet for business class in a travel hack to Bora Bora.




My plan for Bora Bora has always been to stay at the Conrad Hilton. I’ve been saving my Hilton points and plan to open a couple more cards, the Aspire Hilton Credit Card, to get more. (And that is where I need upon staying!)

Let’s see if I can do this stay. I’ve heard of countless people staying there for 95,000 Hilton points a night since its opening in 2016. Looks like those days are long past. It was difficult to find cheap award nights. Most were 300,000+ points. If you put your dates in and then put flexible dates, you find a few 89,000 point nights. Staying there for more than a few nights at that rate would be hard.


Screenshot award nights Conrad Bora Bora


Overwater villas Conrad Hilton in Bora Bora

Looks like I won’t be staying here!


The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa has much better availability. It is a definite possibility for me and looks beautiful too! It won’t be an overwater bungalow but it will work for me. There was plenty of availability at 80,000 points a night.


View of Hilton Hotel in Bora Bora


Marriott Hotels

Most of Marriott’s top hotels are hard to find availability. If you try and book a multi-day stay or a week stay you will often find no availability. The St. Regis Bora Bora had this result for me. However, if you go to flexible dates and just put one date in then several options show up. Note: you might want to remember this trick when you can’t find availability for other hotels too! If you go for a special occassion, or have elite status, be sure and ask for an upgrade. You just might get an overwater bungalow!


St Regis Bora Bora award availability


Overwater bungalows over turquoise water

I was happy to find this hotel as I was researching how to travel hack to Bora Bora!


IHG Hotels

Again, availability was really hard to find. I tried all the hotels there and found one night for the rest of the year. I’m sure more will open up, but this is disheartening, to say the least. Here is a suggestion on how to find availability. It looks like you just have to be lucky and check back day after day at different times.


award nights IHG Bora Bora


Bottom Line

Checking out how to travel hack to Bora Bora was an eye opening experience. I’ve long heard of amazing points and miles redemptions to there and thought they were easy to come by. I now know that they are there but they can be a little difficult to find. They may require some tricks, some flexibility, and some diligence in searching. Don’t give up and look as soon as you can! Let us know if you find some great availabiity that we can pass on to others.




Sand reef with chairs on it

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