How to Support Bloggers with Affiliate Links


One of the best ways that you can support bloggers or content creators is by using their affiliate links. Affiliate links are links that contain a unique ID that tracks the referer. Simply put, an affiliate link lets whoever is selling the product or service know who brought the customer to their site. To thank them for bringing them to the site and helping to make a sale, they pay the referer.

The affiliate links we use the most and our main source of income are credit card affiliate links. When you click on our credit card affiliate link, apply for a credit card, and are approved, we get a small kickback from the bank. It doesn’t cost you any more money and we always make sure to share the best available offer, even if it is an offer we don’t make any commission on.

You can find our affiliate links when you click on the name of a credit card on our blog. You can also send us an email or message us through Instagram and Facebook if you are looking for a particular card.

Let’s face it. The banks have a ton of money – they don’t need more from your signup. However, they do pay people like us, bloggers, a little if someone signs up through our link. And sometimes, our links are even for more points/miles than a link from a bank!

We spend hours writing posts, making reels and Instagram posts, and answering questions for our readers. And we love it! But, it is also so great to make a little extra money while doing what we love.

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Thank so much for supporting our work by using our affiliate links!

I’ll admit, I didn’t always know or understand what affiliate links were. But, now that I do know, I always make sure to use them when on someone else’s blog or IG account. Whether that’s someone I follow who recommends a certain product on Amazon or anything else that someone links to that I can purchase or sign up for, I always use the affiliate link if I decide to buy or join. It is a super-easy way for me to thank them for putting content out that I find valuable and it costs me nothing.

We super, duper appreciate it when you sign up through our links or if someone else is helping you more, sign up through their affiliate link! Just don’t give it to the banks! Thanks for listening to this PSA and supporting us, it means the world!

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