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Hey there, beginner travel hacker – we see you and are here to help you!  It wasn’t that long ago that we were starting our own travel hacking journey and within that first year, each of us had gone on nearly free trips. We continue to do that, and our passion is helping you, the beginner, learn how to do the same. We offer a lot of help, including intermediate help, but our passion will always be that beginner. Here are all the ways we offer help for beginner travel hackers!



We are active on Instagram with two accounts: Travel Hacking Mom and Made Possible By Points. We try to educate, entertain, and guide our followers on each of these accounts. When we originally merged, we were going to merge these accounts too, but we decided that it would be more beneficial to have two accounts and use them differently.  Travel Hacking Mom is more about credit card points and miles. Made Possible by Points is more about redemption and information about our course. If you follow us on Instagram, not only will you laugh, but you will also learn.



Our website is crucial to helping our beginners. Go to our “start here” page which can give you the basics of travel hacking. We post informative articles Monday – Friday that teach you more about how to earn and use credit card points and miles. We also give trip reports and reviews on credit cards and share success stories from our readers so you can see how others are making their points and miles journey work for them. Reader success stories are so inspiring!

If you want to search to see if we have an article on something, choose the section “blog.”


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This is where you will find the search bar. You can put in destinations, credit card names, or travel hacking terms and find articles that will teach you many travel hacking principles.


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Our newsletter usually comes out every Friday and gives you the latest travel hacking news and a synopsis of our published blog posts. This makes it easy for you to be up to date on everything you need to know to succeed! If you really want to learn, you want to be in the newsletter!



Our newest free resource launched on January 10th, and we are so proud of it!! Whether you are commuting to work, exercising, or just wanting to learn more, we will teach and entertain you on The Travel Hacking Mom Show. We have started with six episodes for you to binge, and a new one comes out each Tuesday.  Please subscribe and leave a review – let us know what subjects you’d like covered too!


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Award Travel Academy

Can a person learn about travel hacking on our free resources? Yes, definitely! Will it take longer? Yes, definitely! And it can be more frustrating, depending on the individual. If I had had a course like the one Jess developed for us, I would have bought it in a heartbeat as I could have gotten started quicker. If you are frustrated with your learning or want to speed it up, consider joining Award Travel Academy. For the price of a roundtrip ticket, you can save thousands of dollars in the next year!


Master Class

Our free master class, “How to Start Traveling for Nearly Free” will teach you some basics. And give you a huge discount to ATA (Award Travel Academy).



We offer free credit card consultations where we guide you about what your first or next credit card should be. We also offer 1:1 paid consultations via zoom to teach or help you with booking your trips. The consults are $50 for general consultations to ask questions and learn and $100 for booking consultations (we do not do the booking but teach you to). Contact pam@travelhackingmom for paid consults.


DM’s and Email

We try to answer all of our DM’s and Emails daily. Feel free to ask simple questions or ask for advice anytime. Unfortunately, we can’t give you complicated booking advice because we have limited time. But we are here for you – we want you to have success! Please take advantage of all of our help for beginner travel hackers!


The Travel Hacking Mom team is here for you!



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