Easy, Peasy Five Steps to Travel Hacking


Today we are going to talk to you beginners and list our easy peasy five steps to travel hacking! Sometimes, when you are a beginner travel hacker, it can seem like you are listening to a foreign language with multiple rules and terms. We promise you – it isn’t! You just have to start small and build your knowledge a little at a time.


1. Know What You Want From Travel Hacking

Do you want to fly for free? Is staying at some free hotels your first goal? Do you have a destination you want to go to and want to do it for nearly free with points/miles?

Once you know what your first goal is, you can make a decision on where to start. This will help you decide what card you should get first.


You can plan a trip to Hawaii with points/miles! Our easy peasy five steps to travel hacking can get you started!


2. Get That First Credit Card

The first step to travel hacking starts with just one thing. Apply for your first credit card. Don’t get hung up on if it is the BEST card for you or not. Just get one that will give you some points/miles toward your goal. An excellent first-time card is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card because you can use their points (called Ultimate Rewards) for flights or hotels.

If you already have that card, pick another. On the right sidebar of our blog is a pink button you can always use to ask us what card you should get. We love to give free advice!


3. Complete Your Minimum Spend

To get your miles/points, you have to spend a certain amount on a credit card (called minimum spend). It varies by credit card offers. You will want to meet that minimum spend by charging on that card. The trick is to use it on things you normally spend on – groceries, utilities, car expenses, entertainment, etc.

Once you have completed the required minimum spend, your bonus points or miles will be deposited in your account and are yours for free travel. It usually does not take too long to get them after you meet your minimum spend.


4. Do It All Again

When you have completed spending on that first card (or are close to completing it), apply for another credit card and do it all again or rinse and repeat, as we like to say. It really is that simple. You just get one card, meet the minimum spend, collect your bonus and do it again.


5. Help Is Available

Our final easy-peasy step to travel hacking is to remind you that help is available. We have multiple ways to help you:

As you advance in your travel hacking, we realize that you need resources to help you navigate new terms like the 5/24 rule, 2-player mode, and best redemptions (to name a few). We want to share our knowledge with you and help you along the way.

One of the best things you can do is to read our blog weekly and subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post. We publish five posts a week, and you will learn a lot about travel hacking by reading them. And when you have questions, ask! There is no dumb question – we were once beginners too!


Bottom Line

Remember, start small, one step at a time, and follow our easy peasy five steps to travel hacking! Soon you will be traveling for free or nearly-free too!

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