Earning Hyatt Points on a Paid Vacation


Years before I started in points/miles, we bought a couple of timeshares that we now use to take our grandchildren (2-3 at a time) each summer. We can hack our flights, but lodging is at our timeshare. I must say, “I enjoy the luxury hotels that I pay nearly nothing for way more than our timeshares!” However, this year, I ensured I was earning Hyatt Points on a paid vacation. I also used some Venture miles when I couldn’t use my favorite points.

Hawaii is expensive – like really expensive. Add in three teenage girls who are active and hungry all the time and excursions, I knew we would be racking up the costs! Thank heavens, points and miles save money on flights and all my lodging on other trips.

Earning Hyatt points on this paid vacation became my goal. Here’s how I did it.


Earning Hyatt Points by Buying Gift Cards

I bought gift cards at my local Staples with my Chase Ink Business Cash card. Lots of them. The Chase Ink Cash gives you 5x in Ultimate Rewards on purchases made at office supply stores. Periodically, Staples has a sale where they waive the activation fee on Visa or Mastercard gift cards. These sales are the perfect time to get gift cards to use for purchases that don’t normally earn you a ton of points.

Some of the items I paid for using these gift cards on my trip to Kauai with my grandkids included:

  • Groceries at Safeway, Foodland, and Big Save Market (we stayed in Princeville)
  • Excursion for renting paddle boards and hiking to Secret Falls
  • Rental of beach chairs and umbrella
  • Dinners at B Restaurant, Hanalei Gourmet, Tropical Taco, etc.
  • Shaved ice at the Wishing Well in Hanalei
  • Gas for the rental car


Earning Hyatt points on a paid Vacation to Hawaii

Ready for paddle boarding to Secret Falls!

Using a Venture X Card for 2x points

I couldn’t use a gift card everywhere. So where I couldn’t, I used a Venture X card, that I’m meeting the minimum spend on for 2x points on each purchase.

Places where I used my new Venture X included:

On this trip, I earned a good chunk of Venture Miles to go along with my Hyatt points. Even if you aren’t using credit card points and miles for a free stay, you can still EARN points and miles on your vacation.


Picture of woman and man with three young girls overlooking green valley in Hawaii

Our yearly Hawaii trip with grandchildren brings us so much joy.


Bottom Line

For 90% of my travel, I use credit points and miles. Occasionally, especially once a year with grandchildren, I end up earning Hyatt Points on a paid vacation by purchasing then using gift cards that earn me a lot of Ultimate Rewards.  I also used my new Venture X for excellent rental car coverage and to earn more Venture miles.

Pool surrounded by Palm Trees with view of ocean

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  1. Darcie says:

    Typically, the gift cards have a max value of $200. Are you able to pay using multiple cards online? Even in person, how do you go about using multiple cards?

    • Pam says:

      In person, I just tell them that I want to use multiple cards. I really haven’t needed to use multiple ones online but I would assume you could. I’d call the retailer if I had a problem.

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