Learn to For Travel Free or Nearly-Free!

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    We love to help beginner travel hackers!

    And we get that it is confusing when you start out because not that long ago, we were beginners too!

    Currently, we offer two types of consults to help you earn your vacations:
    free credit card consultations and paid zoom consultations.

    Free Credit Card Consultations

    If you’re wondering what card to get next, this consult is the one for you. You’ll answer a few simple questions, and then we’ll email you personalized recommendations for your next card.

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    Zoom Consultations

    We also offer private consults where you’ll receive detailed instructions on whatever’s required to help you in your travel hacking journey. Here are some questions we can answer and things we can help you with:

    Should I cancel a card?

    What cards should I get to book a trip to _____?

    If I’m not meeting the minimum spend on a card right now, what card should I be using to maximize my points?

    How to search and book award travel.

    Any other questions you might have!

    These private sessions cost $50 for 45 minutes and take place via Zoom.

    Please email pam@travelhackingmom.com, and we will send you a form to fill out so we can maximize our time together.

    Please note that we do not offer a booking service. Instead, we teach you how to book your travel and set you on the right path. People always tell us that the $50 consultation fee was the best money they spent learning our processes. 

    We can’t wait to meet and chat with you personally.


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