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We are super excited about the limited-time, 80K bonus on the Citi Premier Card. We have talked about many of the things that make it a great card to get. Today let’s talk about it can get you on the beach, a piña colada in hand, in Hawaii. Yep, you heard it right! We can get you to Hawaii with Citi ThankYou Points. Let’s see how you can use those points for flights or lodging.


Transfer to Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines is a partner of Citi Premier so you can transfer their ThankYou Points to Avianca and book a trip to Hawaii (on a United Airlines plane). Here are the steps to make that happen:


Find a Flight

Always, always find your flight first. Transferring to partners is a one-way transaction. That means those points only go one way. If you transfer to any partner and can’t find your flight or hotel, you can’t return the points/miles where they started. Let’s say I am hoping to fly from Denver to Maui. I first signup for an Avianca LifeMiles account here. Then I search for my flight, one way at a time. I start looking for September 20th and find this:

Screenshot Award Flights


I pick September 27th as a return flight. This is what I find:


Screenshot Award Flight

For 45,000 LifeMiles and about $25, I can fly to Hawaii with my Citi Premier ThankYou Points after transferring them to Avianca LifeMiles. We have a video on how to transfer to Avianca here.


Transfer to Singapore Airlines

Let’s transfer to another partner, Singapore Airlines, in our quest to use our Citi Premier signup bonus to Hawaii. This time I want to go from September 7-13 from San Francisco to Lihue, Kauai. I put my dates in and get this:


Screenshot Award flight Singapore



Note that there is no availability on my initial choices. This is where flexibility is key. If I adjust my dates by a day, I can make it work. Also, note that I have highlighted the “Star Alliance” section at the top of the page. Singapore Airlines does not fly to Hawaii but their partner in the Star Alliance, United, does. I choose September 4-11 as my new dates and find this total in miles and taxes.


Screenshot Award Flight Singapore


Transfer to Turkish Airlines

The most lucrative redemption is to transfer Citi ThankYou points to Turkish Airlines and book flights for as little as 15k to Hawaii. Yes, it is the best deal going and yes, it is not that easy. It takes time and perseverance but we lay out the steps in this PDF. Again, you would be flying a United flight.


Book Through the Citi Portal

Booking through the portal is simple. Your points will be worth one cent per point. Your 80K ThankYou points earned with the Citi Premier 80K bonus offer are worth $800 through the portal. Here are two options that I could book from Chicago to Honolulu with my bonus.


Screenshot flights through travel portal



Lodging in Hawaii with the Citi Premier Bonus

Vacasa Vacation Rental

One of the ways to book lodging with your bonus is to transfer your Citi ThankYou Points to Wyndham and book a Vacasa Vacation Rental. These are similar to VRBO and Airbnb and will let you do your own cooking. Food in Hawaii is expensive, especially eating out, so this is a major saving.


Book a Choice Hotel

Choice Hotels are a transfer partner with Citi ThankYou Points at a 1:2 ratio. That means that 15,000 ThankYou Points will transfer to 30,000 Choice Points. There is actually one hotel in Kihei on the island of Maui that you could book a stay at. The Kohea Kai Maui, Ascend Hotel Collection, is a good choice at 30K/night for a family stay. It won’t be the fanciest stay but will sleep up to five with a kitchen and the Citi Premier bonus can get you at least 5 nights here.


Screenshot of Hawaii lodging on points


Bottom Line

Citi ThankYou Points can definitely get you to Hawaii. You have a number of options to make this happen. If you and a player 2 both grab this card (unfortunately, this card doesn’t have a referral program so no referring to your spouse/partner) you can enjoy that beach vacation soon! As always, thanks so much for using our affiliate link if you apply for this card!

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