Julie’s Boston Vacation on Points

Our latest reader success story comes from Julie who is also my sister.  Her first travel hacking success story was a Boston vacation on points.  I have coached her along her path of travel hacking and she has had great success, especially with flights!


Julie’s Travel Hacking Success

One of my daughters lived in Missouri for 2 years while her husband did an MD residency program.  I had received the bonus for the Southwest Rapid Rapids Credit Card for myself and my husband.  Using the points from this card, I was able to visit my daughter approximately 4-5 times while she was there.

I love to go to Hawaii and often stay with good friends in their condo.  The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card has given me two free trips there!

Additionally, I applied for and got the bonus for the Citi Platinum Select Advantage Credit  Card and was able to get free tickets to go to Cabo for my husband and I.  It was our anniversary and getting to travel for free was a huge win!   Unfortunately, that was the trip that I broke my wrist on but, luckily, I had travel insurance through Allianz and the medical bills were paid for.  I am the biggest advocate for buying travel insurance!


Julie’s Trip to Boston

My first trip travel hacking was to Boston.  That was my most memorable travel hack. At this time, I had a lot of expenses and really couldn’t afford to travel to Boston.  Pam and Alex invited me to go with them and I really wanted to go.  I knew lodging wasn’t an issue as Pam had that covered.  But how would I get there?  Luckily, Pam was into a new hobby – travel hacking and told me all about it.

I got the United Explorer Card, met the minimum spend, and earned enough miles for a free round trip ticket to Boston from Phoenix with miles to spare.  The United Explorer Card also comes with 2 United Club passes so I was able to go to the airport lounge and enjoy breakfast before my flight. Pam has shared her love of airport lounge access with me!

I loved exploring Boston with family and we stayed at a great Marriott hotel there.  It had an industrial feel and was outstanding.  Being able to have a Boston vacation on points was my start to other free travel experiences.

Travel hacking has been a great find for me and I am now planning a trip to Greece with Pam using points.  I am especially looking forward to trying out those lay flat business class seats that Pam talks about all the time!


Sisters having a Boston vacation on points


Thanks, Julie, for sharing your travel hacking wins with us!! If you’d like to be featured on our success stories, contact us with where you’ve used points!  We’d love to brag about your successes!

Boston in the Fall

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