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Here at Travel Hacking Mom, we want you to feel confident earning points and miles and then booking your vacations. We highly recommend that you read our blog and purchase our new video course. Those are great first steps. Afterward, you might want to pick the brain of a travel hacker (us), ask all your questions, clarify things, and know your next step. We got you. We offer 45-minute consultations with us on a zoom meeting to answer, clarify and point you in the right direction.

How to Book

You can email us at and we will get you scheduled.

Types of Consults

Clarity on Content

You’ve done some research, read our blogs, and follow us on social media but still have questions. Maybe you just need to sit down with us over zoom and ask questions and get answers. This type of consultation will give you the confidence to move forward. Additionally, you will be able to follow up with us by email with more questions and answers – as much as you need.

How to Get the Right Credit Cards

Maybe you want to go to Hawaii or Europe but aren’t sure what cards will get you there. We will research your options, set up a plan for you, and meet and discuss this with you.

Confused about the different types of credit cards and don’t know what will work for your particular circumstances? Let’s chat and make a plan. Having a plan and feeling empowered because you are on the right track makes it so much easier.

Have Points All Over the Place

We hear from people all the time who have a ton of varied points and don’t know what to do with them or even how their points work. A zoom consult can bring all of this into focus.

Booking a Trip

You have the points but booking an award flight is something that intimidates you. Zoom with us, and we will teach you how, so you can feel confident to do it in the future.

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We can help you book a trip to Greece!


Our 45-minute sessions are $40 payable via PayPal. Our consults to book a trip take longer and require a lot of prep work on our end. We charge $100 for those consults.

The best thing about our consults is getting to know you and establishing a connection. We then like to continue that connection with emails to see how you are doing and if you have questions. These consults can be all you need to feel confident and really make a difference in your travel hacking experience.

Bottom Line

We offer a ton of free content on our blog. Search it diligently or email us at for questions.

If you still need more help and would like a consult, we love to provide those too. They can be the difference to you feeling empowered and confident.

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