AwardWallet Saved My Flight to Hawaii


AwardWallet and Travel Freely are each a part of the dynamic duo of travel hacking organization in our opinion.  Each offers different features that complement each other.  Because it takes hardly any time to put your information into each system, we recommend that you use both to keep you fully organized and give you peace of mind with your credit cards.  We recently wrote a post all about Travel Freely. Today it is AwardWallet’s turn.

First, there are two versions available – the free version and the paid version.  Honestly, you are probably fine with the free version.

With AwardWallet you securely give your credit card information (SSL encryption) and they keep track of your point balances.  AwardWallet even sends you a weekly update with your point changes.  The very best feature is that they send out email reminders when your points are about to expire.  They send these out 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days before they expire.  They really do all they can to help you remember to use your points.

This reminder saved me big time this year.  I had 55,000+ Hawaiian Airlines points that I hadn’t used because we have been taking grandkids to Hawaii with us and using our Alaska Companion Fares.  I finally paid attention to an email by AwardWallet 30 days out that they were expiring and put some spend on that credit card, thus extending my points expiration by two years. I’m embarrassed to say that I might have not done this without their reminder.  Talk about a costly mistake!  I would have missed out on a free flight to Hawaii!

Free vs. Paid Version of Award Wallet

Here’s what the free version offers:

  • Track rewards from all your accounts and all your family members
  • Track travel plans
  • Notifies you when travel reward expiration dates are coming up
  • Displays up to 3 expiration notices


Here’s what else the paid version offers:

  • Displays unlimited expiration offers
  • Allows exporting award balances into Excel format


It is important to note that some of the frequent flyer programs have denied AwardWallet access to their sites. Delta, Southwest, and United don’t let them automatically post to your account but you can manually add them.

Here is a summary view of my AwardWallet account.  Remember, these are from my husband and me but are still impressive!  Over 2.5 million miles and I have already spent a least a million miles that I documented in a previous post.

Screenshot of Award Wallet Credit Card Points summary


Bottom Line

AwardWallet is a great way to stay organized as a travel hacker.  You will totally be glad you started using it if you sign up – it may even save you a flight or miles as it did me!




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