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After taking advantage of American Express offers this week, I just had to write a post about them. I have used a few in the past but the ones offered right now for anyone who has an American Express Platinum Credit Card currently are out of this world! I took advantage of three this week to get $100 in free gift cards from Best Buy, $100 of online merchandise from Home Depot, and $150 in free meals from Home Chef.  Yes, this card has a high annual fee of $550 but the benefits pay for it so I keep it year after year. But this year, with these offers, it just got crazy! I saved $350 just with these offers – that means the card cost me only $200 without all the benefits.

American Express Offers

You are probably wondering what the heck are American Express Offers. Most credit cards offer random offers if you use the credit card at certain retailers. Chase has offers as well but I find that American Express offers are usually the best and include things like:


Screen Shot of American Express Offers


The trick is that not every American Express card has the same offers so you have to go through each AMEX card that you have and see what deals each has. They often offer deals on hotels so, if you need to pay cash at a hotel sometimes, it lets you save some money. There are often deals on restaurants or stores you shop at. Once you find one you like then click the button that adds it to your card. Once you use that card to pay for your purchase, they notify you that you got the credit.


Screen shot of savings from American Express


Current American Express Offers

If you have had the American Express Platinum Credit Card before the end of the year then you might have these crazy good offers waiting for you. In the screenshot below, you can see there are 100 offers on my card now. I clipped the three below and used them already. In actuality, I had until 6/30 to use them. I have already received my Home Depot and Best Buy credits!


Screen shot of American Express offers


As I said, I got the 2 gift cards from Best Buy that I’ll use as upcoming birthday gifts. From Home Depot, I bought food storage items I was going to buy anyway to reorganize my pantry. I have wanted to join Home Chef again because it is a great way to simply cooking a couple of nights a week and the food is good! So all in all, it was amazing to find these offers.

To find these offers, go here. I have never found this amazing of offers in the past but have definitely used some. Unfortunately, if you get the card now, you won’t get these offers. However, I have found great value in my card even when the offers haven’t been as amazing as these free.

Remember, that all American Express Credit Cards have offers, not just the Platinum Card. I have used my American Express Green Card and AMEX Marriott cards for several great deals too.


Bottom Line

American Express offers are a great way to use your credit card and save even more money. If you have had the American Express Platinum Card before the end of the year, be sure and check your current deals. Let us know if you get them! Have you ever used them before?


American Express Credit Card and Food bowls

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