4 Ways to Be an Organized Travel Hacker


Travel hacking is all about opening up credit cards, meeting minimum spend, collecting points, and using those points for free travel!  How in the world do you keep track of which cards you’ve applied for, what points you have, if they have an expiration date, and when the annual fee is due? Is it even possible to be an organized travel hacker? It might seem like a daunting task to keep track of multiple credit cards. And it probably would be for someone who just signed up for a bunch of credit cards without a system to keep it all organized.

When it comes to travel hacking, being organized is key! Being organized helps you know when to pay cards off, keep track of minimum spend deadlines when to expect an annual fee, and how many cards you have opened and when! Here are 6 ways to help you be an organized travel hacker. 


1. Travel Freely

Travel Freely is an amazing FREE site to help you keep track of your credit cards. If you want to be an organized travel hacker then you need this!  The area they really exceed at is keeping track of your 5/24 status.  Since I am trying to get under 5/24, it is nice to know exactly when that will happen for myself and my husband.

Travel Freely also keeps track of when it would be a good time to open another credit card and will even suggest credit cards that would be good for you to open. I also love that it sends me a reminder when I have an annual fee due in time for me to decide if I want to keep the card or get rid of it after the annual fee posts.  

If I’ve opened up a new card, it reminds me when I need to finish meeting my minimum spend by. This is huge! It is an easy site to use.  Enter the date you opened your card and let it remind you about 5/24 status, when it is the right time to open another credit card, when your annual fee is due, and when you need to have finished meeting your minimum spend. We have a whole post all about Travel Freely that you can check out!


2. I Don’t Use All My Cards

There is a common misconception that because I have a lot of cards, I have all these credit card bills I need to pay off each month. I sign up for most of my cards strictly for the signup bonus and don’t use them after meeting the minimum spend. Because of this, most of my cards actually sit in a drawer. I get the card, use the card to meet the minimum spending requirement, and then tuck the card safely away.

If I am not working on a new card then I use one of my three Ultimate Reward earning cards. Those are my go-to everyday cards. Using just a few cards makes it really easy to keep track of it all. My mom has more cards than me but still, many are tucked away in a sock drawer.


3. Automatic Payment Reminders

I have reminders for all the cards I currently use on my phone so I never forget to pay them off. The reminders are set to go off monthly and about 10 days before the bill is actually due. I find the phone reminders work well, and because I don’t use that many of my cards, it’s pretty easy to keep track of.

I also get an email sent to me when my statement closes for each card, a reminder 10 days before the bill is due, and an email confirmation when I pay the bill. Notifications are great so I don’t miss an annual fee on a card that has been sitting in my drawer. I like having this as a backup to my phone reminders.


4. One Login for Multiple Credit Cards

I am able to access all my Chase cards online with one login. It might take a phone call to get your business and personal accounts linked but it is easy and worth it! It is so nice to be able to log into my Chase account and quickly see all of my cards, how much money is on them, and when the statement is due. Many banks offer this. Take the few minutes it takes to do this so you can focus on earning points.


Bottom Line

So there you have it! I have found it so simple to keep track of everything. Life is crazy and hectic enough as it is, your travel hacking doesn’t need to be! If you use some or all of our 4 ways to be an organized travel hacker, you will make it so much easier on yourself in the long run. Earn those points, organize those points and then spend those points!

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